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  1. Bloodied bow is probably the rarest thing i own. No idea what to do with it though.

  2. OCDecorator was an absolute must-have mod for me in Fallout 4, so I completely agree with you

  3. Decorating in Fallout 4 VR was awesome, things don't go flying, you just grab it and out it where you want and its perfect. Wrong rotation? Just flip it till its right.

  4. I was playing with my knife..obviosly. the good ole over the knee strop with jeans on and for absolutely no reason. So ya dont strop your knife on youre knee way too fast. Im an idiot. Stitches turned out good though. Just got done.

  5. Could be worse, could have been shaving.

  6. I'm not 100% sure the 100 wasn't stolen from some highschool girls' deviant art page.

  7. I don't get why people didn't think it was him lol Why would he upload a song some rando did

  8. Honestly it sound like Valkyrae to me

  9. You know what else they don't have? Active shooter drills.

  10. No they get taught manlier things like Narwal spear anti terrorism tactics.

  11. I will, so you've heard of Kope Luwak coffiee yes? We treat our pudding in a very similar fashion.

  12. Or you know...actually having rad storms. I hear they are pretty but I have never seen one

  13. I saw one back in 2018 on my first trip to Watoga.

  14. I've been seeing them a lot this year. Which is weird because I've never seen one in the 30 years prior.

  15. Damn near nothing has useable screws anymore. Asside from Wendegos. They always have a few screws loose.

  16. Every time ive tried it I am a little late and end up befind some stone walls with a few other confused players.

  17. my dude, if this fixes the random stuttering my computer gets after every hour or so, I will literally spend money to give you an award

  18. You have to wonder, since this is such a wide spread issue for why windows sucks so bad these last few decades. WHY DOES MICROSOFT STILL MAKE IT A DEFAULT SETTING?

  19. If his first reaction is blaming her and getting pissed, not likely.

  20. *Him getting the $600 tattoo after breakup (probably) "I can't belive that bitch made me homeless, she cost me everything I had!"

  21. Patroling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  22. I was like that when I was 19-20 with my first rifle (an SKS). I never cleaned it or took it apart. It started slam firing and had no idea what to do so I just stopped shooting it for awhile, hoping the problem would go away. I was scared to take it apart thinking that I would break something.

  23. In the first half I thought you were like "nah ak47" about the sks (something I've been told before)

  24. Technically, for me, hit registration is pretty bad. I never know if a VATS hit or missed, or is experiencing a 2 second lag? And I know I should be a trillionaire because somehow I can miss a 95% shot 6-7 times in a row.

  25. The chainsaw and auto axe have a higher dps in first person mode, third person half the ticks seem to miss.

  26. Did they say they deployed the armed forces to replace strikers? So like what grunts flipping burgers at the fast food joints?

  27. I’ve used a pallet jack as a scooter before please don’t tell my boss

  28. Bro that intrusive thought had happened to all of us. Its just perfectly built

  29. The double barrel is supposed to be the most powerful shotgun before the gauss shotgun, and yeah even it isn't enough.

  30. I wanted to be doom guy... I was just doomed

  31. I just love the Hunters long coat. Though i wish i could get one without the desert camo pants and gloves.

  32. Maybe it's to fix the ddos-ing, or maybe it's to fix core weapons and carry weight issues. But hopefully it's both.

  33. Im out of the loop, i broke my screen and didn't play this week. What happened to the gats?

  34. I can't wait to see the new "features" included in this patch!

  35. Same people that Locked children in a concentration camp with no way of tracking who came from which families

  36. In the beta 10 bobby pins were a lb. Sometimes i feel like Bethesda employees don't have enough real-world expirience handleing things, and stuff.

  37. The thousands of all sorts of ammunition the game bathes you in now a days ain't gonna shoot themselves.

  38. The amount of paddle ball string and alien blaster rounds I've accumulated is staggering

  39. The moment you notice that you left the chair in a wrong position or something too high standing on the desk...

  40. Or when someone comes up to ask you a question and grabs the wall for the lean.

  41. Lifting your wrist off the table your mouse and keyboard are on helps with bloodflow. Cutting a pool noodle up is one of the better cheap methods. Andyou can also roll a towl tightly and slap some rubber bands on it for a more immediate test to see of it works for you.

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