1. I think you are thinking too deep into this. You just have to go to a barber that you like. Everyone’s opinion here is subjective. Whether you are a man or woman you’re an adult now. Time to grow up and stop being scared of a barber.

  2. nah i’m ok, barbers are scary. how will i know who i like… if i’ve never been to a barber in miami. that was literally my question

  3. I completed Physics 1 w/ lab, Chemistry 1 w/ lab, Calculus 2, and English Composition 2 (18 credits) my first year semester as well, which was a very similar schedule. You'll be completely fine as long as you manage your time well and don't procrastinate. Doing all this, I managed to scrape by with all A's.

  4. I personally would not have done two labs at once but that’s up to you

  5. i’m in this program where the labs are technically intertwined.. HHMI labs idk

  6. You may not be able to chose your classes yourself anyways because some schools register for you (e.g business)

  7. 😭😭 i literally will kms if i don’t get this professor

  8. I applied for Hammond and didn’t get it… don’t pass it up! I wouldn’t have.

  9. Freshman housing is going to be either, Stanford (Communal Bathroom) as Hecht is being demolished in May. Mahoney-Pearson (Suite Style). I don’t know if Eaton is being offered to Freshman or not, but that is also Suite. Lakeside village, the new one, is for upperclassmen. Not Freshman. :)

  10. It’s like 6000 a year. They pay like $210 a credit. They match it as if you were attending a public school.

  11. Hey! I was selected for Hammond. Still freaking out about what to write about and it’s due sunday.

  12. Not premier. But Cane’s achievement up to 16,000 and presidential, up to 28,000

  13. RTRC says:

    Usually between this month and January. If you need more money you'll have to take out a loan.

  14. I can’t appeal aid? like get more of a need based grant, if their original package isn’t worth it?

  15. RTRC says:

    You can always talk to the financial aid office but your package that's offered is pretty much what you will get. They account for a lot of factors covered by the fafsa to see if you qualify for federal grants like the Pell Grant. They also use your fafsa to determine eligibility for need based grants offered by the state and USF and there's plenty of scholarships that you get automatically as long as you meet the GPA/SAT/ACT requirements.

  16. I only had a 1230 :( Retook the test yesterday, so hopefully I go up.

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