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  1. guess they didn’t know what happened in Mini-Annapolis

  2. Interesting strange nothingness… looks cool if nothing else I guess.

  3. yeah this looks neat but… also like a schizophrenic’s ramblings

  4. Go fuck yourself, sorry I had to be educated.

  5. dude get a grip, he obviously wasn’t talking to you.

  6. I remember we watched this live on tv during middle school science class on a tv wheeled in on the AV cart.

  7. I was in school in nyc on 9/11. I have the most vivid memory of passing the teachers’ lounge on my way back from the bathroom and noticing them transfixed around a tv with these awkward blank faces of shock, not knowing why.

  8. I watched the 2nd plane hit 9/11 and both buildings fall from my class window. We had perfect view. Crazy how these things happen

  9. That’s rough. Whereabouts was the school?

  10. love ‘tough’ guys who assume everyone just mistakes their tits for muscles

  11. that’s like finding a fringe church of a few hundred in Alabama and saying “Christianity”

  12. You are exactly right! It is! So perhaps take the time to reflect on your own comments above and realize that within any religion there is extremeism. Accepting that such extremism exisits within your own religion is not an attack on your whole belief system but rather an opportunity to bring light to those within such a system who abhor that behavior. Instead of feeling hurt that someone suggested there are members of the jewish faith who equally subscribe to the zealousness shown in this video - pause and embrace the opportunity to contribute in a postive manner.

  13. My feelings are irrelevant. It’s stupid to specify 5 religions when extremism exists universally (your point, I think)

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