1. From here looks like you’re missing one of the rubber gaskets which would close that gap some. Clean build though

  2. Replaced mine in my '04 G35 in 2016 for $900. Compressor, dryer and flush and recharge the system. My Accord was about the same in early 2021.

  3. its really not that loud. cold starts are loud for maybe 30 seconds while the car is in high rpms but then it's quiet.

  4. Looks like this is the remains of the airbox for the intake that your aftermarket intake has bypassed. My 2005 FX35 had the same lower airbox section.

  5. I was talking about the square thing that’s bolted to the fender area lol

  6. To me it sounds like either a noisy blower fan or squeaky control arm bushings.

  7. Resistor for the ground and turn signal wire and problem solved

  8. Have you been employed there for 90+ days? If not, that is why.

  9. I’ve been here for just over 3 months and don’t have holiday pay?

  10. Why does everyone get those headlights? I thought they severely decrease your light output?

  11. Do you have LED bulbs anywhere? They don't draw enough current and will trip the bulb fault circuit, which is the fast flash.

  12. I have the gtr style headlights that’s it, but I’ve had those on since October and have had no issues till now

  13. I just did the bypass into the AC drain in the floorboard after the second failure on my G. What a dumb design.

  14. Easier than fucking around with that stupid plug in the firewall. I just cut the drain line, mated it to a new one, and rerouted it to the floor. The AC drain bung has more than enough room to clear a hole for another line.

  15. What did you do to install those headlights on a g35?

  16. Had to put a g37 bumper and the lights that’s it (also new grilles obv)

  17. The windshield fluid? Like the whole bottle

  18. I have these and for some reason there’s this high pitch noise whenever they’re on

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