1. Prabhu Deva, Akshay Kumar , Sonakshi , Sajid-Wajid

  2. Caste system in India is an example that changing laws doesn't change the discrimination that the society perpetuates.

  3. In the above article. Why do you think the teacher did that? You think he was born knowing he belongs to some higher class in the society or was he told?

  4. Dude the movie concludes with literal flag waving and a succession of political murals depicting nationalist heroes. None of whom you can name.

  5. Tell me you don't know anything about Indian History without telling me. Those are not some political murals, those are Freedom fighters who fought for Independence against the British rule. And what's wrong in celebrating them.

  6. Top Gun might win this. But great that RRR got nominated.

  7. Mods should be careful allowing these kind of posts here. Already aa Bollywood lo Penta cheskunnar boycott boycott ani...Don't bring that here.

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