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  1. If Lukashenka is hanging from a street lamp in a few months I won't be overly surprised. The question is who replaces him a Russian puppet? Or something else? That I'm not to sure of personally but the former is a scary thought while the latter is uncertain but possibly a road to a rosier picture for Belarus.

  2. Let’s get real about all of this, likely he knows his days are numbered not even so much from his people but that the demands of the Kremlin will be too much to bare.

  3. Yeah because the help they received before time and time again has certainly made a difference right??

  4. Yeah that’s a dad you don’t want to fuck around with and find out..

  5. EU should just dissolve Hungary from the EU, send all their people home from all over Europe and let’s see how long he lasts as their leader after loosing all the perks they get from the Union itself..

  6. Cubans don’t like the other browns in Florida at all. They will absolutely vote for anything that hurts minorities/immigrants.

  7. Yeah but just you watch once they get what they want with the people being targeted it will be them next and they will have no one to blame other than themselves.

  8. First of all don’t ever tell Me I’m not what I am. I speak Tagalog was born in mandaluyong im a Litonjua you’re welecome to look my family up we’ve been in the Philippines, you can fuck the right of.

  9. I just told you what you are, just because you don't want to accept the truth is not my problem. You can't handle the truth, which means your life is based on lies. No wonder if you treat real filipinos around you as inferior. You feel empowered because poor people "look up " to you and you surround yourself with only people that compliment feed your own ego. I know people like you very well.

  10. Inferior when I am one as well, seriously toxic shit you are and to project your own insecurities and masking as “we seeing ourselves as superior” is utter bullshit and projection. You act as if you are somehow the authority on “who is a Filipino” is laughable. Crawl back to what ever hole you came from and stay there. Lastly you might want to learn a lot more about Philippine history before you spout that bullshit of most of us came in the 70’s, we were already in the Philippines pre-Spanish colonial times, Chinese Mestizos were also one of the first ones to rebel against the Spanish authorities and payed for it with our lives, blood was split fighting for the Philippines so spare me your projections and again learn about history.

  11. Hell the husband and wife look related looks like she can even be a sister.

  12. I mean we’ve all seen people already that literally is coated with hair some resembling sweaters as far as how thick it is..

  13. All jokes aside Cassowaries are very dangerous birds, they are equipped with razor sharp spurs that can disembowel you with one kick!

  14. Yea folks that’s right in the 70’s & 80’s it was quite common for men to order their brides, fucked up and actually know of one from back where I am from that got to the USA via this scheme, but the thing is the two are happily married..

  15. Pretty sure its feeding method is siphoning the souls of the damned via the ethereal realm.

  16. Right? Cuthulu looking MF be out there in the deep dark snagging life forms to feed on..

  17. It's also in the same family of the Cassowary. A bird so dangerous, even Steve Irwin didn't mess with it.

  18. Yeah Dinosaur Bird that have spurs and very strong legs that with one kick can disembowel a human being.

  19. Fucking Christ indeed, they brought shame to their families which will be horrific because of the nature and the perpetrators. The article states the mother as having seen and coming to a horrible conclusion, they beat him and inconsistent by what is being stated by the police involved. This is gonna be so fucking crazy what the fuck happened to our cops? It’s a fucking war out there and instead of “keeping the peace” they instead cite riots and civil unrest due to their blatant actions where death is the first and final result. Scary as hell to think about it.

  20. This is going to piss off my staunch Catholic aunt and uncle.

  21. You should remind your aunt and uncle how prevalent homosexuality is in clergy, at that the homosexuality expressed is the worst kind the pedophile kind the criminal kind at that and it is entrenched in the Catholic Church.

  22. This is good and well deserved perhaps considering he was taunting Romanian officials anyways:.

  23. Depending on the age of the person, this video might be a crime.

  24. Well shit I’m glad my parents aren’t the only one we are getting one also and we have proof that it’s been paid and cashed.

  25. What region are you in? Southern California?

  26. For once I would agree. Circumcision should never be performed on a child who have no choice in the matter period. Now as an adult however if that should be their choice then go for it..

  27. Yeah imagine working at a place where people are literally stealing your shit so you lock it up.

  28. The bullshit lie of trickle down economics, also the tax cheats that are the billionaires.

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