1. Not worth anything, I’m pay shipping and you can send it over to me.

  2. Who cares what anyone thinks. If you like it then rock that shit. I’d buy one if I saw it.

  3. I think me and you are the only ones who are on the same page. Everyone else is too busy meat riding each other with what’s already been said. I honestly thought the Xbox sub was better than this. Then again it is Reddit.

  4. I love Xbox but dude if I had that wallet I would be too embarrassed to show it in public. Super nerdy.

  5. That’s just you, I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I like it and that’s all that matters.

  6. To contact some scam site to solve their problem.

  7. There’s a ton of those in different subs. I sometimes get them in dms.

  8. This reminds me of when the ps5 was only a month old in its release and some guy had posted in a console repair group asking if anyone could fix his ps5 because apparently his cat knocked it over into a tub of water. First of all why the hell is there standing water next to a ps5? And these hdmi ports… I don’t understand how you people break those things, don’t use the excuse of “their cheaply made” because I’ve owned many electronics with hdmi ports and never have broken a single one. Just admit you’re rough on your shit instead of blaming it on the kid or the cat.

  9. Honestly what the goddamn fuck!!!!!! How are you people doing this shit!?!?!?

  10. People rough on their shit and blame it on other people or animals, it’s kind of sad.

  11. I have a bunch you may like, I’ll send you a message

  12. Don't forget to check the clearance section.

  13. At some stores it's in the back, near the bathrooms. At others It's under the CD's. Ask the staff :)

  14. I like to buy them if they have playware. Not only am I not paying and arm and leg but I also get the satisfaction of owning a vintage matchbox, specifically the Lesney’s.

  15. So if you have a completely stock system and you're wanting a new hdd in it the following things are needed:

  16. Thanks for your comment. I asked this question because I’m going to mod my dads og Xbox by upgrading the stock IDE HDD to a SATA HDD. That’s all he wants done, he’s not really into homebrew and all that I urged him to consider having his HDD upgraded because the stock one sounds like it’s on its last leg. I’m just wanting to know a fair price to charge.

  17. Literally doesn't have a battery want me to video me taking it from my ceiling and show you

  18. Get a battery for it then, do you want to slowly suffocate?

  19. If you don’t know what you’re selling then it’s probably best to not list it or you’ll keep having this issue.

  20. If you don’t know what you’re selling then it’s probably best to not list it or you’ll keep having this issue.

  21. I love how they always ask for a refund but never mention anything about sending the item back.

  22. Usually if you explain to a customer that you don’t have enough change in your drawer to break big bills they are understanding I’ve never had a customer that doesn’t understand. If it’s all they have I make it work and I’ve even put up signs that say need Pennie’s , need nickels and so on. It’s ok to explain that to a customer but you legally can’t deny any form of u.s. tender is all I’m saying

  23. Well I guess I’m breaking the law then. If your total is $1.36 and you want to pay with a $50 bill then go ahead, if I don’t have enough in my drawer or the store doesn’t have any change for it then call the cops on me. Highly doubt I’ll go to a maximum security Gotham penitentiary for not accepting a wrinkled up $50 bill for a $1.36 tab.

  24. There probably wouldn’t be any reprimand on you the clerk but the person could sue the business which nobody is going to do that’s why it’s fine to just say hey I don’t have enough change do you have anything smaller. The change drawer has a thousand dollars in it so you can always break big bills

  25. People have sued DollarTree before over boxes so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they sued the store😂

  26. Just go and look... You don't have to do an intense search.

  27. You try doing that with only one cashier and a manager in the whole store.

  28. And thats why you will get nowhere in life. I get extra hours that my co workers don't because I do the work they half ass. Its not about the ceo, its about doing your best whenever possible and setting an example.

  29. “And that’s why you will get nowhere in life” bro it’s DollarTree, you aren’t Jesus Christ working for them. If you want to live your whole life slaving away for the green tree then that’s on you. There’s many and way better options.

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