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  1. I thought poodle, Labrador, maybe a tiny bit of pointer, I'm not sure why I thought there could be some pointer breed.

  2. The shelter had her as a pointer/poodle mix! We thought there might be as well since she does point her tail when she’s outside watching the birds! I guess just a silly lab trait 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  3. But she is VERY food motivated so I’m sure she would devour it

  4. ❗️❗️ We just mailed in her Embark test! Info: Spätzle is around 1 years old & about 45 lbs. She was labeled as a pointer/poodle mix. She has webbed feet and what seems like an otter tail like labs. The most popular guesses amongst the shelter, her vet and a dog trainer are a wiredhaired pointer mix with a poodle or an F1 labradoodle. She is SUPER high energy and acts very circus-y (she learns tricks so easily and climbs on everything) We’re excited to get her results!🥰

  5. The particular bacteria causing a snuffles infection can be very persistent and, especially for older rabbits, can be harder to fight off. That being said, 2 weeks on antibiotics is a very short course-- 21 days or longer courses can better ensure that symptom absence = infection completely gone. It is possible that on 2 weeks only, it may not have wiped out the entire infection, therefore it has taken this long for the bacteria to regain its strength and begin being symptomatic again. I would discuss speaking with your vet about another course for longer, well-past symptom relief. My rabbit Wick's URI treatment spanned 5 months, which included trial and error to find the right antibiotic. His final medication regiment lasted ~1.5-2 months before we stopped it, just to make sure the infection was gone.

  6. Thank you for this! I’m gonna call his vet tomorrow and try and get more antibiotics :-)

  7. the fact that people in this thread are more upset of the technicalities of the word r* pe getting used against a s* xual assaulter rather than the idea of a s* xual assaulter having a platform to speak (and to speak on our favorite podcast which—we are all fans here that’s✨ why ✨ we are here) is sad.

  8. A lot of freaking weirdos in here. Making you look like rape defenders.

  9. Hi!!! Also on Strattera because of ED history. I started at 40mg and had AWFUL side effects—no appetite, nausea, hot flashes, vomiting, fatigue. The good news is that they went away after about 2-3 weeks. My doctor then upped me to 80mg, the side effects all came back, and went away again about 3 weeks later. I don’t get any side effects now unless I miss more than one dose in a row, in which case they’ll come back, but more mildly and only for a day or two.

  10. does the strattera help your ADHD enough that these symptoms are worth going through??

  11. I just took my first dose yesterday and I had extreme nausea (40 mg once a day) . I’m scared to take it again today 😂

  12. I definitely felt weirded out by this comment especially as someone with an ED. that kind of way of thinking is just unhealthy /: it’s obvious though that Ethan has a bad relationship with food and I wish he would see a nutritionist/psychologist for it! It’s been a bit triggering every time they talk about it on the podcast Lol

  13. Yeah it makes me hella uncomfy that Trisha claims to be an advocate for victims but still keeps up that video of them all on there OF. You can’t be a true advocate if you’re going to pick and choose who you hold accountable.

  14. do you mean methotrexate*? if so, it made me feel super nauseous & exhausted all the time. had to stop taking it, but it was the first ever medication I was prescribed when I got diagnosed.

  15. Yes. Did you have to take a high dose of it? I’m very worried and scared for my son. Did you experience hair loss?

  16. To be honest it was at least 4/5 years ago when I was on it so I don’t remember the mg of it, but no I did not experience any hair loss! I’ve heard it’s a pretty common medication people start off with when diagnosed, but if it doesn’t end up working for him there are a lot of other medications available for RA! I’m on Actemra & have been on Humira as well & they both have been much better experiences.

  17. IMO I would classify this as sexual assault because he coerced you. If someone doesn’t stop asking you to do something until you say yes that would be un consensual in my book.

  18. I’m a psychology major and all my classes are online 🥲

  19. The easiest tips I can give to get more for your allowance days are:

  20. Thank you for explaining! I appreciate the specificity

  21. i need someone to put Ethan and Hila’s faces on this like the office one hahahah

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