1. Time to take water away from the farmers growing shit IN THE DESERT

  2. Why not take it away from people who moved TO THE DESERT so they could have air conditioning and green lawns and golf courses and pools?

  3. Beheaded is better than having your ribcage crushed as you slowly suffocate to death because of it. So like what happened to a Chinese student in a similar elevator incident.

  4. People really need to be paying attention when they step on an elevator.

  5. I still find it weird that people call these "Christopher Guest mockumentary films" when Rob Reiner directed and made the first and, arguably (I guess), best one of them.

  6. Yeah, Rob Reiner put this whole mini genre together, including the cast that kept showing up in the later Guest movies. He deserves credit for that (and he's also hilarious acting in Spinal Tap).

  7. I use this technique, but please note, despite having delicious bbq sauce on them, do not try to eat the strings. They'll break tooths, people.

  8. You know, your whole life you go through painstaking efforts to hide your nipple and then BOOM, suddenly hundreds of people get their own personal shot of it.

  9. Johnny Dangerously. A gangster parody with Michael Keaton & a peak Joe Piscopo.

  10. Who even knew Hitler had siblings? I feel like I've watched a lot of WWII documentaries and specifically ones about Hitler and it was never mentioned.

  11. This is what happens when people spend more than they can afford on a fancy piece of wood

  12. I would start by clipping a corner off my man card

  13. It was concocted by the GRU or the FSB, of course it was a disaster…for the UK anyways.

  14. I wish conservatives in the west would get it through their heads that Russia isn't on their side. Russia pushes the ideas they push because they know those ideas will weaken their adversaries in the west. If that aligns with your political beliefs, what does that tell you about your political beliefs?

  15. No, you're right. I personally don't think track incidents are suitable for this sub and I wish they'd update the rules to say that. You go on a track so you are in a controlled environment where you can take chances in racing that you wouldn't otherwise take. Shit happens on a track. It's a racing incident, not an idiot in a car.

  16. If you have a gun to defend yourself and others during a mass shooting, that's great. It's not a systemic solution to our gun violence problem

  17. Getting cold, overpriced food delivered to your house constantly?

  18. It's his parents' dime. They're probably going to tell him for the next few years "Sorry, Timmy, we can't get you that toy you want. Remember that one day you got all that food delivered?"

  19. Fast food places in all of east and southeast asia are like 50 years ahead of what we have here in the US. They got the balls to experiment. Colonel Sanders is a coward over here.

  20. KFCs in the US can't even get regular old fried chicken right most of the time, much less experimenting on new things. Fresh, well made KFC is fucking amazing and if you could consistently get that every time you went there it would be a game changer. Instead, 90% of the time you get utter garbage.

  21. This is coming from someone who spent months claiming that there was fraud in the 2020 election, despite the fact that every single fucking court said there was no proof.

  22. I mean, there are absolutely vids on there of people getting very obviously killed. Some of these drone operators clearly get off on toying with wounded soldiers huddling in trenches.

  23. The Food Market was fucking incredible for a long time after it opened in 2012. Whenever I've gone there over the last 4-5 years, it's definitely lost its edge. I can't even really pinpoint what the issue is, but the magic is gone. It used to legit be one of the best restaurants in the city though.

  24. Hayden Christensen- He was a big star while filming the prequels. But soon burnt out shortly afterwards.

  25. Jason London is a great answer. Looking at his work after Dazed and Confused is just depressing with how much crap is on it.

  26. Tbh a shame no one has mentioned Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton or John Fahey!

  27. Fahey completely changed my playing when I discovered him a few years ago. I say I play fingerstyle, but really, 80% of songs I play are his, so I'm basically a Fahey cover band.

  28. Statistically, they’re such a small part of the human population. Why do we as a people have to hear the opinions of Joe Rogan show listeners?

  29. Man I was so confused about that Seinfeld drama he kicked up about being cancelled.

  30. Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians ever. Yeah, part of the joke of the show is that his material is hackey, but that doesn't mean that in real life he's a bad comedian. Weird take.

  31. Also when Tate was growing up his dad removed him from chess competitions because he wouldn't stop crying when he lost.

  32. From my understanding of the issue based on what my pharmacist said, the DEA is blocking shipments for medicine that honestly some people really need.

  33. Shouldn't they be going after docs giving out bullshit scripts instead of just cutting off supply?

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