1. well atleast your roof didnt fall through mid call , i put them on hold for like 20 mins then ended the call. got told of by my tl for it.

  2. yep, im a petty agent, start being a twat with me and i dont do shit for you or just give you the basic answer with nothing clarified,

  3. thought from the most recent views of it it looked kinda boring and empty.

  4. customer asked me a question i answered it , they called wrong dept for another question they had, advised wrong dept. spent a min or two looking ofr the number for the correct place for them gave them the number told them to call them

  5. Had one like this a few weeks back, customers account got closed wrongfully, in July keep that in mind, she calls us in January saying her hot water heater is leaking and that she called the third party that bills through us and they told her to call us. Like first off YES your contracts with the third party finalized when your account closed in July, I get we screwed up but we already credited back $300 for inconvenience AND told her to call the third party to set up her services with them again. She of course doesn't and thinks I should phone the third party for her. It's like no that's not a thing , I can't bind someone else to a contract ya dipshit. She went on for 40 minutes then said she didn't have time and hung up. Like bitch if you had called who I told you to call when I told you to call them we wouldn't even be talking

  6. Yh the entitlement some people have when they call up is ridiculous. In my case she tried to guilt me busy telling me how disabled she was and couldn't take calls and has major anxiety on the phone... in my head I though we'll u r funking calling me here so what's the problem. She actually asked me for my manager aswell but we don't do that . Before we ended the call she said I won't have a job come Monday.

  7. damn lmao, ive been waiting for them to fire me secretly, what happened for them to terminate? grats on getting out

  8. It was a number of things. Performance was going down, the company is shit and I'm not secretive about my feelings towards it, then my brother got cancer and died all in 1 month, then I came back and was like.... Meh. So I came into work today, was asked to go offline and was terminated due to "performance drop and surplus in agents". Honestly, I'm just glad to be gone and to move on with my life.

  9. sounds like a toxic place. im sitting there right in the middle of the stats pile not doing bad nor top agent so they dont really notice me. i am however very vocal on my issues with the place and how it operates and not been pulled up yet.

  10. i was gunna go for this monitor but opted for the hp x 34 instead , this was one of the reasons, people told me its blurry

  11. usually i would say nah but in this line of work yourr voice can go just like that, a few months ago i was losing my voice, every call i was lasting like 2 min then my voice would go. had too call out . health first man

  12. damn might grab this haha, loved this game back then will add nicely to my spyro 100% and crash ( when iget the time trials done on crash)

  13. Good luck on stormy ascent. That's the only time trial I have yet to finish for achievements and it suuucks

  14. I was so close but got pipped right at the last jump and died šŸ˜Ŗ

  15. been on 11 for a long time now, shortly after i was actually able to , had a fe issues at the start but its now fine

  16. ive only used it once and it was for an achievment that bugged 3 times. from what i can remember you can undo them and gain them again

  17. nah i would have just ended the call, we dont take any calls that are not our dept and if they start to go off track then its bye bye call.

  18. put this to my back log, its fuin for some chill gaming but not something i wanna sit on after work.

  19. id say reasonable grounds, i work on the benefits helpline, i get 8/10 calls angry/rude/suicidal.

  20. ask for extra coaching session, might show them your atleast interested in doing better

  21. i know exactly how you feel with this, i myself have not been fired or told i might be but the thing about the quality scores changing and how we handle calls.

  22. Any achievements asking me to complete the game on some kind of ultra mega hard difficulty go straight to the trash bin in my mind šŸ˜‚

  23. Yh this usually puts me off doing a game because some of the difficulties are just unnecessarily hard I prefer the souls approach and no difficulty choice

  24. i have as slight problem and it really irritates me to see them not 100% completed,

  25. got my 6750xt from ebuyer and they just refused to help me out when i noticed my card hitting 109 c on junc.

  26. Yep I was told 40 hrs got the job started found out it was 25 hrs with unpaid breaks , now I. On 37.5 with only a 30 min break unpaid for a full 8 hrs days

  27. looks like its going to be an s tier adaptation , noticed so many shots from the games like the one with ellie and the telling joel the watch is broke

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