Jordan Peterson breaks down crying after being described as a 'incel hero'.

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  1. This is so cool. Very supportive! I am very interested in hearing the things you learn about what it is like to live with the extra bits. I think I would just like to hear if there are things I take for granted or have taken as second nature.

  2. Also the addition of liquid smoke in Kenai dip according to original recipe I found

  3. I'm wondering if I should put one in the pellet grill next time.

  4. You heard it here first. Alex created hemorrhoids.

  5. AJ is undoubtedly a POS, but he does have a sense of humor. Pivoting from death to hemorrhoids was very funny. Then in AJ fashion he gave seven more examples than he needed and killed the joke.

  6. Personally I enjoyed how he was trying to come up with a list of diseases and he could only come up with a list of health issues he's clearly having himself. "Heartburn, hemorrhoids, and hair loss," indeed.

  7. Oh shit, lol. That's hilarious. Of course he did, because his brain only runs on accessory power these days.

  8. Thanks for highlighting what law the guy I responded to was talking about instead of going off on some unrelated tangent about the parents feelings.

  9. This guy's main source of news declared war on information... What do you expect?

  10. I think this is the same f40 I’ve seen on FB. Dude drives it everywhere. Did the Alaskan highway im pretty sure. He’s legit.

  11. Still though, I've taken the alcan many times and always in rigs with proper suspensions. I can't imagine driving that thing, thousands of miles, on that road. There's just not enough butt donuts in the world.

  12. U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola’s first bill, which would establish an Office of Food Security in the Department of Veterans Affairs, has passed the House.

  13. Can you say something against his advice or just his life circumstance? I have shit circumstances too. Some my fault, some not. Why would that alone discredit any advice I would give?

  14. I do sympathize with you in that these sorts of arguments (the benzos schtick) are really unproductive and mean nothing in the long run. I wish people wouldn't use this against him - or rather, I wish people just wouldn't use personal failures as a weapon.

  15. I had everything. It absolutely doesn't matter.

  16. Same here. I even called the police the second time it happened and after establishing that the other party didn't have insurance, the cop still let them drive away. I was dumbfounded.

  17. Damn the absolute least they could do is write a ticket

  18. In my state, it's supposed to be automatic impound for no insurance. When I asked why he didn't impound he said, "Well we don't HAVE to." 😮

  19. The lawsuit has very little standing, the “affected”party says that he will be forced to pay over $1000 in state taxes if his loan is forgiven. He’s been working towards loan forgiveness through the Public Service forgiveness program which is not taxable. He’s essentially claiming that he will be forced to accept the forgiveness and the tax burden will place an undue hardship on him, but the Biden administration has already clearly stated that anyone who wishes to do so can opt-out of the new forgiveness program, so they are not forcing any undue hardship upon him and if he wishes to do so he can opt-out and continue to work towards his tax-free Public Service forgiveness.

  20. I can appreciate Dan's position on such matters. He doesn't want to encourage those things. An important detail here is that he's not. We can act of our own volition. alex is a piece of shit and does not deserve to be coddled in any way. If he's misusing art the artists deserve to know. I say he's fair game. Live by the vitriolic bullshit die by the vitriolic bullshit.

  21. I'm not arguing against any of this. My argument is against platforming it in this sub.

  22. Why though? Does Dan moderate it? If he does he can delete whatever posts he deems necessary.

  23. Why? How about integrity or ethics? This sub is a forum of listeners of a podcast. The podcast has requested respectability of it's listeners several times. Sure, you can petulantly claim that Dan is not a sub moderator and thusly your actions are free of his requests - but why? Why would you want to do that? Because you know you will get support on this sub. It's a bit selfish.

  24. If that guy IS a Marriott “Host” he is absolutely gonna loose his job, I’ve seen people loose their jobs for WAY less at Marriott. We aren’t supposed to “engage” with a guest in any negative way. Well I can’t say for another property I guess, but if anyone got caught talking to a guest, or even a potential “guest” like that, simply the fact you raised your voice where a guest might hear you, could get you fired at the property I work at, my guess is they won’t appreciate the negative attention and dude will get canned!!

  25. Lol, this explains a lot. Now I feel like such a tool. My company had agreements with Marriot so I've stayed at just about all of them. And I always try to be extra nice to the staff and talk them up but they always act so disinterested. It's entirely likely that I'm just a generally disinteresting person, but at least now I can convince myself that they were just being polite and protective of their jobs. 😂

  26. Ya I’m sure you are an amazingly interesting person, honestly we deal with so many people, and so many different personalities, on such a daily basis, it really does get hard sometimes to smile and try to do your best, when you are on your 8th or 9th, 10 hour day in a row, and in your head, you are thinking “OH MY GOD, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN GO HOME AND SLEEP!!!” But you can’t really say that, so you have to smile and say “Welcome to Marriott” and it’s hard because we have this 5/15 rule, when I’m walking around, I can’t just look at the floor, I have to engage EVERY person I see, when I’m 15 feet away, I am supposed to look you in the eye, and by 5 feet away, I’m supposed to smile, and say something, wether it’s just “Hello” or “Hi how are you today” we are not allowed to not talk to someone as we walk by, which opens you up to questions(which is the idea)but I work in a very large property(over 1000 rooms and well over 50 story building)so people are constantly lost, so even when I’m on break, and trying to go smoke a cigarette, I still have to stop and engage with all guests. So it’s NOT you, it’s the fact we HAVE to engage with everyone, so it just gets tedious, especially if you are having an “off” day, or are like me, and aren’t particularly comfortable talking to strangers, especially face to face, I lack some communication skills that make it difficult, so if you did engage with me, I keep it short and sweet, not because I don’t find the person interesting, because I’m forced into a situation I’m not comfortable with!! So ya don’t overthink it! It’s not you!

  27. Lol, well now that I know this, I feel like the most bro move is to make the encounter as short as possible if not avoidable. Makes sense.

  28. Can you do me a huge favor and post the battery ratings/markings? (Not the size or capacity like I can find on the website, but actual official ratings)

  29. Making it through disk 1 to find that 2 was scratched beyond playability

  30. Somehow still better than if you had made it through disk 1 only to find that disk 2 required a season pass.

  31. Glad you enjoyed it! And I fucking love Seattle. Top Pot Donuts and Trophy Cupcakes are my jams.

  32. Well we really loved the coffee! Sushi at Peter’s—loved the selection of nigiri and the oysters were uniquely prepared. Fire Island and Benji’s Bakery (lychee cream puff❤️). Pho Lena—good selection of food and good curry. And we hit up Snow City of course.

  33. All good picks. I'm not a fan of snow city but for very picky reasons. Thanks for sharing!

  34. The 0.4 nozzles are only 0.4 for 0.66 mm, the nozzle is 2mm almost right to the tip where it it tapers with a 62 degree cone to 0.4mm. (Assuming the tips are actually made to spec!)

  35. JFC, thank you. I was always blown away how plastic can wear out a perfect bore hole through brass. I feel so dense now.

  36. I realize that you may have had problems with Marlin and GRBL, but others like me have not. I've found them to be quite simple and straightforward. I've even been able to get a version of mega/5x running with Maslow style calculations, which is impressive that it had the support to get it that far.

  37. The problem with GRBL was that I couldn't figure out how the software works internally to implement servo movement. There is a version on Git but not for the Ramps 1.4 and Arduino mega. Marlin just didn't want to boot up and did not respond to Serial input. I don't want to make a better software or so. CNZero works well for my purpose and it's fun to develop.

  38. There is GRBL support for ramps and mega, just FYI. Not being snarky.

  39. While the judge scolds Norm she hasn’t actually hit him with a contempt of court charge yet, which considering some of his antics, would be justified. The judge has given him a loose leash and he’s using that to perform some kind of clown show.

  40. Unless they break decorum or hinder the process though, don't issues like that usually get addressed after the case is completed?

  41. I just played that mission solo too. I didnt know how to beat him seemed pretty impossible solo. BUT!!!!!!!!!! I can recommend going on top of the mountain he spawn in front of (on top of the stone with the burnt guardian) you can get up there and cheese this RETARDED BOSS.

  42. All it takes is a little bit of water coming in through a submerged diff breather to make a nice oil slushy

  43. Was just going to say, I used to work on Spy Island, Alaska, and we never had that problem unless water got in the diff. So OP has taught us that water freezes...

  44. I thought they were trolling and referring to the teacher as a manatee.

  45. I like it. "Male Karen" or "Ken" never sat right with me. Look at this nationalist, racist manatee!

  46. Stealing "sweaty meat cabinet" for -- I dunno what yet, but it'll be there when I need it.

  47. Shit moths Randy, shit moths. They started off as tiny little shit-larvae Randy. And then they grew into shittapillars a pandemic of shitapillars. Everywhere you look Randy, shitapillars. They almost drove me over the goddamn edge boy. I tried to exterminate em, I tried to put an end to the shitapillars life cycle….

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