1. Ah inbred domestic terrorism. Donation inbound. Sorry some humans forgot about critical thinking.

  2. Saucy. Did you ride boozed? lol Jk homie. I assume you mean lack of oxygen from kicking some ass on the bike. Hey, you do you. Sure your ride is an inconvenience to some but your ride brought you joy and hopefully some respite for someone else. Cheers.

  3. I dunno about trippy but I have had some great trips with the Skyrim soundtrack in the background. I gotta ask because you are a unicorn to me. Why do you not like Pink Floyd?

  4. I always end up with food poisoning whenever I go to House of Japan at Polaris. been three times, had food poisoning three times. foods decent, but not worth taking 2-3 days off work after eating there.

  5. Most don't return after a food poisoning just one time. Yet you went back to more times after getting sick the first time? You like pain don't you? Lol

  6. I remember when I was a young kid, my dad would tell me about the OG steel curtain and talked about Jack Lambert being Jack and the missing teeth. Just mesmerized me as a kid.

  7. It’s starting to feel more and more like he is only running so he can write Hillbilly 2. It doesn’t feel like he is even competing.

  8. Bingo! Kind of the same for his sugar daddy too. Except the Repubs had/have an agenda to stick to. The orange thing was elected to ensure conservative judges were put in place.

  9. I know it's hard but try not to feed the trolls who bathe in Republican bs. The stench is hard to wash off. Worse than a skunk.

  10. Good god, what a mess. Good luck with that shudders

  11. 15 current locations and more than 100 “in the works?”

  12. The "local" weather forecasts cover a huge area, so when they say "we" will be getting rain, by "we" they mean almost half the state. Turn off the sound and look at the radar if you want accuracy.

  13. He's still working? I thought he retired long ago. I don't watch much TV if at all. Side story I've met him a couple times. Once as a kid when he gave a speech to my school about his pill habit from his plane accident. Then a couple years back he was sitting by himself at 5 Guys. He waved, wife and I waved and ended up eating dinner with him. Super swell guy. He was really kind to the staff there on Bethel too. I'm gonna have to start checking their forecast more now.

  14. Yes, now that I posted this I am feeing much better.

  15. Those criteria apply to many Athens (and Athens County) residents. Like I said, they didn’t ask me any questions, so it’s worth a shot for anyone to look into.

  16. I hope these men don’t have daughters holy hell! Calling Kamala a hoe….for what

  17. They do in some cases, unfortunately. They also have mothers, sisters and wives too. It truly boggles my mind sometimes.

  18. Yeah and ultimately none of that should matter— they shouldn’t need to have women in their lives to not be assholes

  19. I could not agree more even if I wanted to. My agreement level is at its max. :)

  20. I find it very hard to understand why Rob Portman would have made this switch, given that the bill is named after an Ohio servicemember from Pickerington (surely by his influance) and Rob Portman went so far at to call out the naming and importance of the bill in the congressional record:

  21. Honestly, I am fully in the camp that Republicans are on a path of destruction both in their own house and in America. Especially the alt-right ones/Trumplicans. They only see Democrats or anyone not in their party as enemies of the state, even though we are all Americans. Sure Dems share some blame in the hate game too but not on the level we are seeing with their "colleagues". Imo, when Republicans start turning on their own war machine to stick it to the Dems once more and ensure their special interests are happy. We are at a point where I think a lot of different groups can see more clearly just how damaging this party is for our country's future. It is my hope that their actions here wake people the fuck up and vote. That's the only logical conclusion I can make from their actions here. Cruz's fist-bumping after the vote was illuminating.

  22. Back in my day, thats What we did

  23. Wait. Which day are we talking about here? WW2 day or a day more recent than that?

  24. Funny I bought my wife Skyrim on switch because she never played and doesn't enjoy PC gaming. Send help. She hasn't eaten, bathed in weeks. /s

  25. Yea, Athens has tons of haunted spots and activity. Never really was a believer until I experienced some paranormal stuff while there for school.

  26. Yeah I didn't believe in ghost stories either. All my life I just thought they were the things people wrote about in books to sell more of them to us in those book clubs we were in as kids. Fuck was I wrong.

  27. come on, you’ll never find a reddit hookup with that attitude!

  28. It's an automatic rule change based on data and Athens county hasn't been doing so great with the spread recently. Maybe it will help keep out Monkey Pox spread too. I'd rather a higher education institution follow the medical advice of leading infection disease organizations than base policy on popularity with the willfully ignorant.

  29. Just imagine the girls mindset when she gets older and reads all the stuff that has been said about her by the alt right. Imagine what goes through her mind when one day she listens to what Dave Yost said on national TV about her and what was done.

  30. Yost's response to this whole situation was disgusting.

  31. Dave Yost is working his way to Governor. I agree it was disgusting yet not surprising for a Trumplican.

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