1. Well of course he can go down the slide. Its winter. In the summer his fur would melt to it.

  2. I love this video. The music is original, the girls sample nature boy by nat king Cole and the guy is also original. It's amazing.

  3. This is too much work. Just point the bill at some light. If you the face. It's legit. If not, fake.

  4. My sister and I was watching streamers play among back it was popular. Our dad comes in and asks why we are watching them and not playing. I looked at him and said " hey dad, why do you watch football and not play?" He said " bite me" and left

  5. I've built more than 500 computers in my time in IT. That part still makes me nervous

  6. When I was in school I was shown a post with everyone that year who earned the certificate I was going for. The youngest was 13. I don't know what he is going to do with an A+ cert but good on him. Very smart kid. Not very wise.

  7. To be fair I don't understand sports either I made the same mistake. My dad told me they were tied 9 to 9

  8. This is me with the anime Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I've seen it dozens of times and I average watching the entire thing once a year

  9. I trust WOTC and hasbro about as much as a trust a fart when I have the flu.

  10. The horse sized fire dog. Arcanine.

  11. I was jacking off 2-3 times a day while watching porn. I realized something was when one day I was hard but nothing was cumming

  12. I grew up really poor. Blankets in front of door gaps and space heaters are your best friends.

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