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  1. I’d say look at bird tongues, first. Dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than they are crocodilians, seeing as birds are the only living dinosaurs now.

  2. Well, we know what some dinosaurs taste like. All modern birds are dinosaurs, so go eat some chicken, ostrich, pheasant, etc. and you’ll get some idea

  3. Birds are literally avian theropod dinosaurs. The only dinosaurs to survive the mass extinction. What do you mean “yes but no”?

  4. Yes, birds are descendants of small Theropods, but modern day crocodiles are also descendants of Archosaurs, animals that lived in the Triassic period, and also technically still considered "Dinosaurs", if you want to speak from a general perspective; which I was.

  5. Archosaurs are not dinosaurs, dinosaurs are archosaurs. The ancestors of modern crocodilians split off before dinosaurs, and are therefore not dinosaurs in any sense

  6. I wonder… where are all those satellites 🛰 they shooting in a fucking space huh? Can someone explain me this shit?! Why every time they show image of our planet 🌏 there is no single satellite?

  7. Satellites are extremely small in comparison to the planet, and they’re all at many different levels of orbit, not all at the same level. Space is big, even right outside the atmosphere. They’re so spread out you don’t see them

  8. Lovely capture. Definitely better than any I've taken!

  9. And I’m over here pronouncing it with Spanish pronunciation: hee-gahn-o-toe-saurus

  10. I'm pretty sure these dinosaurs were not nearly as feathered as this. While there is evidence for feathers in related species we don't have enough proof they were totally covered

  11. I'm guessing you don't have kids. When you are tired AF you sleep in any safe way possible at any time possible. You expect parents to have 100% energy all day every day? Sometimes you have no choice but to take a break.

  12. As a parent, taking a break is fine, as long as the infant is in a safe sleep environment. Co-sleeping is never safe.

  13. Millennials started in 1983, were all in our thirties lol

  14. And ended in the mid 90s. Good chunk of millenials are still in their 20s.

  15. Meh, they might as well be in their 30s and suffer with the rest of us

  16. Yogg can yell all he wants, still going in the frying pan

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