1. I'm getting a Merc early hybrid era domination PTSD, only looking forward for the races from P3 below.

  2. Alonso’s Vettel AM moment

  3. They didn't fuck up the strategy so far at least for him.

  4. It's the right decision, but so fucking stupid they do this after the celebrations.

  5. I could understand if the pitstop was in the closing stages of the race bute they make decision after an hour or so...?

  6. They do it only now!? What the fuck.

  7. How the held Lando finished behind Sargeant and Piastri lol

  8. What a drive by checo. I didn’t think he’d be able to hold off max

  9. The street track master strikes back.

  10. I instantly knew the crashgate is gonna come up lmao. Night race too!

  11. Never ever a SC. Race control can suck it.

  12. What a weird attempt to spice up the race wtf

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