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  1. If supermarkets put a load of parent and baby parking at the very back of the car park it would solve the problem overnight. Some spaces at the front and some at the back. If the ones at the front are all used then parents who legit need the extra space can drive round to the back. The lazy space stealers won’t want them.

  2. When my kids were young all I wanted was a large enough space to get them out and a safe path through the car park, I didn't care how far away as I had a pram or grabbed a trolley from the rack and put the kids inside until we could get a suitable trolley.

  3. This would have been more satisfying if they hadn't cut the nod at the end

  4. When I used to work in a call centre, I did this to make sure I was getting it right. if you use the same rythm people often just agree it's right without actually thinking about it. I also used to alternate between zero and nought when relaying a number back.

  5. I do the same as it makes them stop and think rather than just saying it's right.

  6. Everyone has their own idea of what makes a good game. If you want to explore new worlds with alien life forms; fight epic battles against a stream of enemies; find the Big Boss and defeat it to save humanity/civilization then Space Engineers (vanilla) is NOT your game.

  7. This is why I play, it's Lego that I don't have to put away afterwards. I can load up a world (heavily modded these days) and just build things to do things.

  8. I had a theory years ago that a ghost could be a recording of energy from a past event recorded in stone or even the earth it's self.

  9. As a solution for building, has anyone suggested remote controlling a drone you can just stand on? Good for a mobile mini walkway ;)

  10. There are a few "engineer platforms" on the workshop, I usually use them to go fetching drops as I can't live without my jetpack.

  11. Years ago I was walking to the shops late evening and at the end of my road I heard a car with a flat tyre, on my way back 10 mins later I saw the couple staring at the car jack looking like it was alien technology the girl was almost in tears.

  12. And if I did this (I can't) my daughter would still be like "ugh dad can you not!" or "ugh your so embarrassing"

  13. I recently watched a YouTuber (Kanjesi or something similar) who added a piston inside his ramp and then put catwalks over the ramp from the piston head, it meant that he didn't have to have a steep angle or double hinge ramp as he could extend the piston and the catwalks would slide over the main door.

  14. I just finished that series and now I'm watching his water series 😁

  15. I'd tip the guy that braved the rain and cold to bring hot food, that way they'd remember my address and bring it quicker. No that you have a huge turnover I never see the same guy twice so it's not really worth it.

  16. It was in Dundee, and I was mostly delivering to working-middle class.

  17. I used to do pizza delivery 20ish years ago and if you turned up at a mansion with electric gates you wouldn't even get a thank you (unless the had an American accent) but if you turned up at an estate and there was a car on bricks and a burning pram in the front yard you'd get a couple of quid

  18. The first thing I used to do on the starting ship was a collector and armour funnel with lights on it then a gravity gen inside the ship, fly to an asteroid and roll upside down and mine until my suit almost ran out I'd have ore sucked up processing before I got back

  19. When I was younger I had chest pains when I was delivering pizzas, it got worse as the night progressed and when I got back to the shop I said I don't feel good and said I'm going home. I drove about halfway home and then drove myself to A&E they got me straight in hooked up to several machines and took loads of blood for tests. I was discharged 6hours later when it subsided, they didn't find anything and I felt bad for wasting their time.

  20. The British coins have all got a seemingly random design on them but when placed in a certain order together they make a coat of arms. I’m not sure if they’re the regular coins or just a set of special coins though

  21. Not really, they’re real general-circulation coins, you don’t display them you just use them. They aren’t like £5 coins.

  22. TIL. Yes you are correct, I just looked it up. The set is a general circulation coin it was a re design of the coin to commemorate 40years of decimalisation, I knew it was to commemorate something but didn't realize it was specifically for general circulation.

  23. We have Google mini upstairs and downstairs, I just say "hey Google, broadcast, dinners ready" Google plays a chime upstairs and says "dinners ready come and get it"

  24. This is like Indian Knight Rider

  25. I was thinking more like Indian Street Hawk

  26. I love it when a customer asking for the shop address says on the phone "where are you?" I say "behind my desk"

  27. I can't help too much here other then two ovservations; 1. Merge blocks have been acting weird for me. Like they have to be absolutely perfectly aligned for me to be able to merge them. I remember them having a lot more room for error?

  28. I've solved it by activating the merge block before the connector lines up and it snaps into allignment 😁

  29. Thanks, I've tried with just connectors but if they aren't perfect the projection (at the bottom) doesn't line up and the section has to be welded by hand.

  30. Grandpa always said you gotta grab the balls by the horns.

  31. For me, the biggest question has always been…after trash service is delayed a day because of a Monday holiday, do they then have to work extra hours to make up the lost day?

  32. They usually get agency staff in or pull from roadside pickup to cover an area.

  33. I had 4x £2 payments to Xbox live show up on my card, I called the bank and they told me to call Microsoft, long story short 3 hours worth of calls between them and the bank eventually refunded the payments.

  34. How to drop stuff in container without going into inventory?

  35. Alt middle click, I saw a YouTuber do it and it's changed my life!

  36. My gf of 2 years doesn’t want babies when we get married and that’s a big deal breaker for me and idk what to do

  37. Assuming you're not joking, My wife didn't want kids when we married but I did and now we've got two.

  38. I feel this. When I started dating my now ex wife, I would hold it in until I left and oh the relief I had leering it all go on the way home!!!

  39. I would be cycling back from my girlfriend's house like a rocket as I'd been holding it in all evening.

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