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  1. They absolutely do, if you don't think so you are simply misinformed or in denial.

  2. In fact, when I created a new account in Aurora, Colorado, I was amazed at how much trash I got in for you page on tick tock.

  3. When Halo 2 dropped and one of my friends got Xbox Live way back, we naturally gathered at his place to play online. We all chanted into the same mic, "KILL THE RED/BLUE, KILL THE RED/BLUE, KILL THE RED/BLUE!" whenever we started a match, and at the end. It was too fun not to!

  4. I just tried it out. You need —host=

  5. Try this first on a simple website first…

  6. That or Santa is dyslexic. I asked for Tzuyu and got chewy dot com

  7. Thanks for the proper information. I always wondered about this.

  8. I'd go with Elizabeth or Jennifer is a strong second choice but not sure about younger people...

  9. We all keep cumming to reddit on this blessed day

  10. Oh my goodness that was awesome. Love the little tug of war.

  11. One time I asked one of the guys in my shop “if your wife was on her death bed and her dying wish was to peg you would you let her?” and he said yes. Naturally I told everyone who would listen than he said he’d let his wife peg him with no other information or context.

  12. How can you 3ven say you love your wife if you won't even...

  13. Fuck you OP you piece of shit. This video is a few years old. Fuck you, you karma whore.

  14. If you've noticed a lot of people hating "pranks" and implying they're not pranks, now you've seen why.

  15. If you "prank" me by shoving me into a swimming pool when I have my phone on me, you're paying for my new phone.

  16. My older brother shoved me into the pool at a beach house family gathering years ago and I had my phone on me. We have another beach house family gathering with a pool coming up in a couple months and I might just have to get him back.

  17. Don't shove him in the water. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Rob his inheritance instead.

  18. Right, like how would a license test for this even be? You have to eyeball whether some dry cracked mud has ten feel of water underneath it?

  19. I don't need that, but some money would be amazing. I spent all mine on PC parts.

  20. Can confirm. Made the mistake of going to microcenter for one thing...

  21. Christians do not believe Satan is a God. You could argue that Satan is basically a God anyway, but you would have to define "god" differently than how Christians do.

  22. Believe in here means they think Satan exists.

  23. Is this even a real ball or is it a tennis ball?

  24. You contradict yourself in the same sentence. Impressive, really.

  25. I don't think you understand what acab means...

  26. Oh I do very well, and exactly because of that I can say that the above sentence is a contradiction in itself.

  27. I can't believe I have to spell this out. The fact that the captain asked the sergeant to turn off the camera shows this is widespread.

  28. Ideally, we want to move the whole process off the shared drive.

  29. That's good but what kind of data do you need to send/receive from to the mainframe? What would be a better way to do this? What would you prefer? Is the mainframe exposed to the Internet?

  30. We are building the new app in .net 7

  31. What is the actual business requirement?

  32. My local Sainsbury’s has one of these for slicing your own bread.

  33. I wouldn't trust anyone in my neighborhood with one, yours truly included.

  34. I don't think pride and PTSD are mutually exclusive. Undoubtedly something to be immensely proud of but also massively traumatising.

  35. Just physically, I don't think there is such a thing as a "full recovery" when it comes to multiple gunshot wounds.

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