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  1. Threefold, Captain Sparkles

  2. armor is the least of your concerns. The dragon does a lot of damage but it only hits you like once per 30 sec. D breath is also easy to avoid. The main problem is when the dragon throws you. Bring slow fall pots and water for endermen.

  3. As a tall person, can confirm the urge is real

  4. I’ll escort my finger through your digestive tract and consume you like a ring pop.

  5. Reminds me of the time in high school biology when we had to pair off to do dissections. Teacher let one group of three cause she thought there was an off number. There was actually an even number in the class and I ended up having to do it alone cause none of the girls in the group of three would leave it.

  6. Inazuma 5* characters. Many are awesome, don't get me wrong there. It's just the are locked behind story walls and for some you have to get all the way to Watatsumi and Enkanomiya to lvl them.

  7. It is renewable though, I think the end portal spawns with a few end stone beneath it when you revive the dragon

  8. Ok strategy, but no alt eco other than Druid which is underwhelming. Switch spac for sub or ninja for farm for some good comps

  9. Homelander violates, he scales to CAS because he is the representation of evil superman in his verse. Complete mismatch. At least put him against Galactus or smth.

  10. yeah its much better. But the only annoying thing is that this is a server with my friends and we have a bet. Who has the least deaths by the end of the year will get 10$.

  11. I think the rule is that you need to win over half the amount of games than your opponent for it to rise against a higher opponent. So it is 5 games for 4 game set matches.

  12. Long life spikes is basically a useless waste of money that makes you not be able to get top or mid path

  13. Long life spike cross with top is actually better bc the max piles are greater. When defending a rush maxing your piles is more important than refreshing your spikes because spikes aren't used 90% of the time

  14. A 203 is barely better than a 202 though, your probably thinking of longer range and smart spikes, which does that.

  15. Yo that's the best map, it's awful to play farm in it, meaning meta fags get a genuine disadvantage

  16. It seems, the 2020s will be remembered forever more, as the end of an era.

  17. I don't understand why people do this - let alone "flex" about it.

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