1. One could make the argument that they want this exposure, that it is both a sign of fortitude and within our best interest to ignore them.

  2. vaccines do not 100% protect you lol. there have been breakthrough cases. some people here even brag about the fact that they've gotten covid before.

  3. I'd test if there are vending machines in the area between the Geology and Boelter Hall AKA Court of Sciences, but there aren't any. Their fault. I'm not going to walk all the way to the vending machines when every single one of my tests are negative. I don't see the point anymore.

  4. that's great that you're testing negative. i can kind of understand your reasoning but again, it's for the sake of everyone on campus. no one wants to get sick, no one wants to bring it home to vulnerable loved ones, a lot of people don't want to do online classes (e.g. if a professor gets sick), etc. it doesn't hurt to be cautious especially after spring break because a lot of students traveled.

  5. Yikes. I really overestimated the distance to the one in Kretz Hall. Hopefully, the hand sanitizer machine works there unlike the one near the Bruin store.

  6. I didn’t even know this. Do yk where the yellow area is at in structure 2?

  7. I don’t think the self-proclaimed prankster goes to ucla, let alone older than 14

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