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  1. 16 inches, Elder, dragon foreskin core. Gonna call it meat rod.

  2. Not to pile on but I think people are down voting you for bad information or not making sense. Like this one here. "I was scared of the kickback." So you held the gun wrong? That doesn't make sense. "Other people just aren't familiar with guns." These are worth down voting because if you DO get people who are unfamiliar with guns that read what you're saying, they need to know that this community does not support your statement. I don't think many are just being.

  3. you need to go outside and touch grass and get off reddit. Seems to me like your an expert so you should be helping people out down at your local range since you have all this helpful info

  4. Install Astro Command Center on Xbox; what are the headset & base’s current firmware numbers?

  5. current headset firmware is 36179.43 and base station FW Version is 36799.43

  6. You’re not quite up-to-date, but you have USB game audio on Xbox.

  7. am I able to update the fw on xbox or do I have to update it on my macbook?

  8. These are insane, how do they feel on feet? GL, i have low Reddit. Thumbs up so I can comment

  9. What is the real website url? I just ordered from the fake one and now I need the real one please HELP

  10. It’s for a content editor position, so I’m unsure of why I would need access to a company card. If I do it, will it tank my credit score?

  11. I have never had a company ask to do a credit check. The company is responsible not you please don’t fall for this and block them

  12. Oh god console rust is just so hard to watch

  13. Honestly surprised this even has uplikes people on this sub are pure haters😂

  14. you know the boys just put a tier 2 down. Only had a custom to research and crafted 3 of them bitches haha. Nice

  15. I'm really really really scared to ask, or find out, but what is the Jesus rap?

  16. someone has been having a bad day, it’s just interesting to see all the random things connecting, that’s all the post it about. take a beat, relax, nothing is this serious!🥰

  17. do you take out your face piercings before job interviews or leave them in?

  18. aorbnb became a scam so better find other option

  19. Too bad series s isn’t new gen. New gen is the brand new Xbox but good try

  20. series s and x is new gen lmao what time zone you living in?

  21. These guys are clowns! Don’t use zip recruiter if you are looking for a job because IDk how many times I have gotten emails from fake companies that just want your information. Fuck scammers we need some serious action in india

  22. Making marijuana extract is illegal as you clearly saw. Which means you making edibles is you EXTRACTING the THC from flower/trim and and dispersing that thc in oil or butter to cook. Aka your extracting the marijuana. Go ahead and do you though. If you lose you med card or face legal consequences don’t say you didn’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. woah woah woah, read what you just wrote. Making marijuana extract is illegal. Not combining extract like RSO with your cookies. Extracting would be making solvent less rosin or resin ect. from flower. I don’t think you are reading it correctly. Why would they sell RSO at the dispensary??

  24. A cross hair? Yea. A hair on your nuts? No.

  25. Soft side looks like smooth white stone, hard side looks like my cock when I havnt shaved it in months. Your welcome

  26. Butterfly effect is fucking $60 for me at Marion lol. And I’m always spending at least $80 off my wax so anything else is just an extra for like $20 or so but idk I just ended up buying a 1.7g of animal mints. We shall see how she does me

  27. very good choice, I love animal mintz. What brand was your concentrate?

  28. If you want pain relief get the honey. Also the 550mg by cokoh shouldn’t break the bank. I got some for $28 the other day. It was on sale but still

  29. That’s a drip on the lid… scrape it with your tool hit it and move on. You lost no product.

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