1. Actually it was Cinema Therapy, they explained it really well and very humorous!

  2. omggg yes a troublemaker who also watches cinema therapy!! i love them both sm

  3. I don’t know what video it was but he said “that’s what I’m sayin’” with this weird red filter thing and distorted sound. Idk why but I just want that to be a soundtrack. I’d use it soooo often 😂

  4. Hahaha I try to match that energy every time I watch the tangled video

  5. The iconic poker face casino scene in Las Vegas

  6. OH SHOOT I forgot that took place there. I usually associate it with NY tho bc he lives in Manhattan.

  7. I personally just think he’s getting more comfortable with the troublemakers. If you see his earlier movie commentaries to now you can see that he’s more relaxed and comfortable making whatever jokes he wants to. So I don’t think that move of his was him playing into the “thirst trap” thing but more of him just being like, aye if I make this joke it’s fine, cuz my fans know my sense of humor and I trust them. I could be wrong, but even then I don’t think it’s a bad thing for him to feel confident in his skin.

  8. I watch his clothing hall video almost everyday, so you're good. Lol.

  9. Then I might as well wait patiently. Thanks.

  10. Noooo don’t say that, you’re gonna make him cut his hair and Halloween is so close

  11. I just keep watching the tangled video over and over at this point

  12. wow he's rlly getting the recognition he deserves. It's crazy to see our boi become mainstream

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