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Willem Dafoe’s penis was so large that after the filming of the 2009 psychological thriller “ Antichrist” the director had to cut the scene Dafoe’s actual penis and reshoot it with a body double because it was “ So large that everyone in the room was confused.”

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  1. I wouldn't really say poor photographer. He got a hell of a shot.

  2. That's my issue with Zach. I don't think he is trash obviously but the fact that anyone has to ask themselves will he live up to the contract probably means we shouldn't have given it to him. The team last year wasn't built to win so idk how anyone thought giving Zach more money and bringing back the same team minus Ball would net better results. Zach shoulda been traded this off-season for assets and let DeMar and Vuc carry us as far as they can for this short period as we develop Pat and prepare for the next phase of bulls basketball. This right here tho is terrible

  3. My biggest issue with Zach right now is his ego. Everytime he drives to the hoop he bitches to the refs that a foul should have been called meanwhile while he's still behind half court we give up an easy basket 4 against 5.

  4. For the love of borscht, MAYBE 10% of the free agents have been signed to teams and people are acting like spring training starts next week.

  5. Never heard that one before. What's borscht?

  6. No now he started liking someone else's d!ck...

  7. You can spell dick on here you fucking dick

  8. What are the odds that Ye is pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and this is all a big performance art piece? It seems to be getting more and more silly and this Alex Jones interview really seemed performative to me. Troll of the century if so.

  9. I'm not doubting you I'm just curious what makes Balenciaga pedos?

  10. I'm starting to fear this is a Brandon Roy situation. Knees just not meant to withstand playing basketball. Hopefully I'm just being dramatic rn

  11. You aren't, that is definitely the situation.

  12. Is this in a different room or is the literbox in your bedroom?

  13. I read that as finished at first...

  14. I mean yeah cigarettes have nicotine in them which is a drug but I'm pretty sure they meant illegal drugs or prescription drugs.

  15. I've thought of that, but don't want someone surprised if they did it up. Really can't think of any good thing to do with it but just keep it safe where it is. Someday I'll figure it out.

  16. Bro just bury it or pitch it. It's not that serious.

  17. Yeah big news there...TV show wants to make money. What's fucking new?

  18. Yes lol they will be in Oregon and then a convicted felon when they do get out meaning no guns.

  19. Dude doesn’t know what to do when he’s not playing the WAC most weeks

  20. I'm sorry but I don't get this one. Anyone one to explain?

  21. I’ve prepared many turkeys for family. Ask me anything.

  22. Do you know where my pappy went?

  23. I did that to the drummer of the plain white t's. They were the first famous people I met so I got a little excited.


  25. Sorry for my ignorance but who else besides prince?

  26. I highly doubt the propaganda will let Russia be the bad guy. The would rather erase that history like the ******s

  27. Love it 🔥 You would think the cover will be a teenage version of Wayne! and is that the official tracklist??

  28. Lol no bruh this not am official track list.

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