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  1. Are those sassy sticky notes?? If so please tell me where I can buy them

  2. This needs context. I’ve heard people complain about this but really they are upset they can’t be openly racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

  3. What state do you live in? Sometimes it is landlord's responsibility, sometimes tenant's. If it's the landlord's responsibility, then you need to get in touch with some tenant rights orgs and figure out how to either pressure them to do something or to break your lease. If it's the tenant's responsibility, then you have to figure out how to do it on your own.

  4. I just checked. According to my lease I have to notify them and they send someone out to inspect to confirm then i have to pay for the treatment. I don’t know how I’m gonna pay for it though. But no one has followed up with me at all.

  5. If you’re in charge of the payment and you’ve already notified, I’d say to try to tackle it on your own. If you can’t afford a professional then read through this subreddit and go on YouTube and try to do it yourself. Unless it specifically says it’s your landlords responsibility to book the exterminator and/or get rid of them, then you’re probably on your own

  6. It says it’s their responsibility to book it and I have to pay after it’s done

  7. Men are the ones making these comparisons. It’s rare to see women doing this. Incels gonna incel though I guess. And make shitty memes. Also. This meme has been made over and over and over again. Are you incapable of creating something with even an inkling or original thought?

  8. Probably because women present differently. I was always just thought of as “quirky”. I don’t like telling people because it’s annoying when someone says to your face that you aren’t something you are. Most people are really uneducated about it.

  9. It is fine as long as you aren’t talking poorly about women who wear heavy makeup. Stating a preference is not tearing down people who don’t fit into your standard of beauty. So as long as you aren’t doing that then you are good.

  10. I don’t find this funny at all. It’s child abuse. And it’s sad that even still people justify treating their children like this.

  11. So no means no should be respected. Persistent is in reference to when the advances are wanted. As In putting in effort. It is not referring to some man who we rejected harassing us.

  12. Im actually kinda obsessed with these. I would try to eat with them probably.

  13. I’m 31. And when I was 21 I would have looked past things like this as well. But you need to raise your standards. That’s not a jab. You deserve better. Also, I dated older men as well. From my experience a man in his 30s going for a 21 year old is an indication he is immature, emotionally stunted, and potentially wants someone with less dating experience who he can manipulate or who won’t call him out on shit like being a slob. That’s a giant red flag to me. I would end it.

  14. So I’m not supposed to date older men but i supped to date men my age or close to it who act that same way as well? How does that make any sense? I’m not settling, we are not dating. If I didn’t give a shit about how dirty he was I wish my have said anything. I’m moser shocked then anything that someone is capable of living that way.

  15. I see you’re feeling defensive. Nothing I said was a jab at you. Don’t date any man who acts like that. And yes. I would be cautious of a man 14 years your senior. Take it or leave it. I had someone give me similar advice when I was younger and I ignored it. Looking back it would have saved me a lot of wasted time on people not worth my energy.also. There are men who don’t act like that. Even at 21.

  16. I’m sorry but they only love Satan made me giggle. Sounds like someone can’t please a woman and is just peeved about it.

  17. I understand your frustration. However considering it’s off before ten they may do nothing if you call and report her. Unfortunately part of living in apartments or anywhere with shared walls is noise. It’s not late at night. So at this point you should get ear plugs or noise canceling headphones. Also. You shouldn’t be going around throwing the term narcissistic around. Is this disruptive and rude? Yes. But narcissism is a personality disorder. Diagnosed by a professional. Stop using terms like that or bipolar or whatever to describe people with behaviors you don’t like.

  18. How about NO. Stop being a narcissistic bipolar butthead. You are not in charge numps.

  19. Yikes. You have the emotional maturity of a rotting banana.

  20. I had a coworker who heavily smoked cigs while pregnant all the way to delivery. And weed. But she mentioned how she had to quit at a certain point so it wouldn’t pop up in a drug test. She saw no issue with it. Didn’t feel bad at all.

  21. Gatekeeping depression how original. I’m a 31 year old woman and have been dealing with depression basically as long as I can remember. Including when I was a 14 year old Girl.

  22. The color of someone’s hair has literally nothing to do with their mental health.

  23. Correct but 100% of the time that colored haired person is more fucked up than the rest of us

  24. Have you not been able to successfully date women closer to your age? Typically when a 30 year old man is dating a 20 or younger woman, at best it means your maturity level is low for your age, or at worse, you're being potentially predatory, taking advantage of her lack of life experience. Hopefully you aren't doing that, although the fact that you asked out a co-worker for casual sex would imply you're naive to potential outcomes of doing such a thing.

  25. I agree with you. That’s exactly my thoughts on this. To be honest I find it to be a red flag.

  26. Most cheap food is unhealthy. So there’s nothing surprising here. It’s gross to post this to make fun of someone for their weight.

  27. Chicken tits. Less than 3 bucks a pound at Walmart...

  28. A container of blueberries is now $7. A carton of eggs is almost $4 where I am. Dollar menu at McDonald’s is cheaper for some people than grocery shopping and buying fruits, veg, healthy grains, meat, etc. I’m not going to sit here and do the math for you and research prices. That’s not my job. Believe whatever you want. I really don’t give a shit. The quality of person that you are based off of this post says it all. I hope you have the day you deserve. I’m not responding after this. You’re a waste of my time.

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