1. i prefer buckeye relief, pure ohio or one orijin for botanicals, ive tried the apple one from frx, it was decent.

  2. Klutch. There's constant talk on here daily about them. I've tried ICC,sherbhead,catfish,sherbert, Josh d ghost og,white truffle and budino....the only strain I've bought twice from them is Bighead. Here lately its had a chemical taste. They also have a cult on here that likes to project what they do on other companies and build up their products. Nobody else goes to these lengths. If u got kill it speaks for itself thats why they call it loud. If you gotta tell people how great it is,then disregard people who have conflicting opinions,then group down vote them..

  3. i agree, overhyped. consistency in product is what i look for and, as an example, the triangle mints pod i picked up in idk maybe jan or feb had great color, taste and effects, but the idk 4-5 months later a snagged another one, different production batch, and it was very crude on the look, the taste ofcourse was more crude, hardly getting any of the original terp profile on taste, and the effects were meh. i speculate that they altered their sop to produce a higher overall yield, which means the quality suffers. and if Klutch is reading any of this, quality > your higher thru put. and if thats not the case and it was trim they ran on the second batch of triangle that made it so dark and crude, may do more than one pass, winterize better, filter better, do what you gotta do to make that product consistent EVERYTIME. just my 2 cents

  4. Riviera. I got some rosin from them that looks like liquified feces.

  5. seriously,i saw the pics on here, the reclaim i pulled outta my rig yesterday looked better than that.

  6. I can't get much from my quartz insert, I've been strictly using the titanium one. It's been serving me fine.

  7. old reply.., but i havent tried an insert and after using the domeless ti and the quartz banger, both are great for low temp dabs for live res or some daimonds but the edge goes to the ti for higher temp crumble wax and shatter type dabs. hell dabbing kief with a ti screen on the domeless ti is pretty killer too.

  8. I've never tried to dab kief. Dab as in like an E-nail dab?

  9. correct,an enail, not an "erig" i prefer to dab most concentrates around 600f-615f, with a carb cap, however with some waxes,crumbles and shatter i might bump it up to 650f ish. kief is ,broadly, like 2-3 star hash and with little effort is dabbable with ti and a temp around 650-710f.

  10. Definitely Hon. This dark rainbow has been out of this world for me

  11. i tried the dark rainbow lr co2 wax and it was soo delicious. i now need to try the pod.

  12. klutch and grow ohio are top 2 for sure, with grow ohio, theres only a couple i really like taste wise like the sunshine kush, however klutch pods havent failed me yet because of the variety and price seems to have dropped to 55 for most with no discount.

  13. gelatin gets hard and rubbery after awhile, try pectin based, no rubbery mouth feel.

  14. I know. I'm trying to revive product I already have to not waste

  15. as far as i know its not legal to extract your own. ethanol is better but can be dangerous and costly gearwise to make something dab able, if your ok with pretty crude oil go with ethanol washes, if you want something dab able and free of solvents, go with a hair straightener.

  16. the cover/mouthpiece got dirty, hit the floor, or got disty on it and someone tried to wipe it clean with ethanol, and then packaged it without realizing. They shouldve just replaced the cover before packaging. small fuck up, but a fuck up nonetheless. email em.

  17. rollins from cresco is decent, buckeyes oro blanco was the tits but its gone i think, most live resins are good, but not a fan of the hi5 from 100%, taste is kinda dookie(might be one of the strains used not the processing),but yea if i see a live res hybrid crossed with original strains i tend to try em. pineapple express LR done right is glorious. just try a bunch of different shit see what your preferences are. i wish someone made an illudium LR.

  18. incase anyone wants to feel better, NJ MMJprices are EVEN worse than Ohio, about 400 an oz for anything decent, the state as of now doesnt allow extracts( though i here theyre coming around to the idea since rec started officially) their eddys (capped at 10mg) are limited to lozenges and their vape cart game is atrocious, black crude grossness for the most part( lookin at you Botanist).

  19. ive used their enails for 7 years now. great products, great prices and excellent customer service. cant recommend them enough.

  20. i had a similar issue with a hundred percent LR cart. i figured it just wasnt wicking on the coil, so i heat gunned it a little and that worked, but it defeats the convenient purpose of a cart imo so ill probably just avoid em.

  21. It would be as easy as putting a qr code on the label that links to the coa, surprised more companies arent interested/havent thought of it. This is one of the main complaints i see in the program that can be remedied easily. Good on Chizle for doing it.

  22. i tried their skunkberry back in december, it wasnt bad, not too dry like ive read from others. Regardless of quality, i think the transparency is key. Coa s provide that.

  23. Sounds like you're interested in processing, look around your area to see if anyones hiring. without experience, like others have said, youll start at menial pay and most likely in packaging and distro, but theres plenty of ladders to climb over time. as others have said, online "certificates" and degrees from "schools", unless its in botany,chemistry, or engineering, arent really worth much, as you can learn way more from the internet, and i would also add if your interested in cultivation or processing, dont waste your time with dispos, theyre brick and mortar retail like anyone else, might as well work at macys. Also recognize that your passion might be rosin, but your company will be making more than just rosin so id recommend setting your sights on everything extraction and post processing related.everything.

  24. i started a bag november 28, it showed no promise after 2 weeks, left it alone until feb 20, felt a tumor, did the break and shake and it looked great and was ready march 3. so who knows.

  25. Botanical Terpenes 👎🏻 don’t waste your money. Yes it’s cheaper than others but only because they’re using cheap materials.

  26. actually this, and the other one orijin luster pods with "limited release" on the label, are cannabis derived, not botanical.

  27. imo your best bet is an enail. ive had a highfive enail for years and its a beast. just got a new one coming in with a quartz banger(im late to the game on quartz), really stoked to try it. they make a "duo" to compete with the peak but i havent used one, cant speak to it. also afaik theyre still doing a bogo sale for another day or so.

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