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  1. So that's why the post was locked

  2. If you want one I know exactly where you can get a Hitler post credit scene

  3. Don't get a husky if you're not gonna give it all the care it needs. Huskies are very high maintenance

  4. Somewhere on the planet on an island called Isla Mando

  5. Isn't a rolled down dorsal fin a sign of stress?

  6. Because they expect you to not be blasting your system audio at 100%

  7. Has billions and yet he used his campaign money to silence a pornstar and failed

  8. Does the stoic bald assassin fuck in this game about assassinating people?

  9. Looks weird but it'd still taste like eggs

  10. The rock is now the leading cause of death for children. The rock needs to go

  11. You think Harvey Weinstein is innocent?

  12. Hmm, now let's see the what the other thousand shooters looked like

  13. I wouldn't go on stairs with Osa if I want to shield drone. I'd just go out and get in through one of the other entry points upstairs instead of risking it with the stairs

  14. How do you go out in public like this? A pedo, a weeb and a Sentra driver wrapped in one package.

  15. This is honestly kinda funny

  16. So he's a bit of a fixer upper

  17. You don't lose anything when you change the character from white to black because 90% of the time there's really nothing in their story that ties to the colour of their skin. White people don't really have a struggle or conflict with the colour of their skin.

  18. Boomers and their imaginary scenarios

  19. I expected a gator to be looking back. I don't know what's the unexpected part here. The guy putting his phone in the water? It's 2023, most phones can handle being put in the water these days

  20. Why get a King Frost when you can have Ose?

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