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  1. Damn my engine just blew but the mechanic is saying to get a engine off a site for only like $1k with warranty and low miles

  2. I wouldn't spend more than $1k on one for sure. Go to a junkyard with a full day and a homie and a hoist and pull one for like $250

  3. Well my dad is malcadad the cigarette and he lets me smoke weed whenever I want.

  4. He get back with that space milk he left to get 10000 years ago?

  5. I didn't read your post but I'm here to tell you I disagree and think your opinion is donkey brained.

  6. FLAIR UP FUC.....ope, almost got me too

  7. I saw a majorkill video on his post and frankly, OP is wrong and a big dumb doo doo head according to the lore.

  8. Holy shit… I’m one to believe in UFO’s… but I never thought that we’d have this advance technology… this post really has got me thinking

  9. My brother in Christ, 60 years ago we used less tech than what you posted on to get to the moon. You think we ain't made some WILD stuff?

  10. Explains why the the government tod us UFOs are real.

  11. FUCKING BINGO. been saying this ever since the navy "confirmed" unidentifiable objects in the sky.

  12. Oh and he claimed slavery wasn't a bad thing in Islam because they treat their slaves really well and that impregnating female slaves was morally ok, because you only take slaves in war, and you need more warriors to fight for you, so you have to rape the slaves to make more soldiers.

  13. I mean for a medieval nomadic desert Empire that's a good way to increase your population. it's still a shit and a wrong thing to do or defend.

  14. That's what I kept getting at, like dude.... It's a bronze age rag. Why are you letting people who never heard of gunpowder, antibiotics or a fucking compass govern the way you live your life? Absolutely bananas man

  15. Guess what Henry Shrapnel invented.

  16. You'll never guess what John crapper created

  17. That's between you and your sheep buddy

  18. I'm trying to find the video that I saw but I'm having a hard time. Many people saw it- So I'm sure others can back me up or help find it.

  19. Holy shit, I missed this one. This isn't the one with the guy that came out shooting during fake surrender is it?

  20. He’s gone unhinged and is trying to get us killed. I’ve never been so worried being lgbtq+ in America.

  21. arm up, not the time to go quietly

  22. They’re so cold they can’t even react is my guess.

  23. it's not quite that cold yet there, its pretty manageable right now

  24. Voluntary surrender is AWOL in any army and is going to get you prison. If you did manage to sneak away from camp, cross mine fields in no man’s land and hope you don’t get shot or droned by a nervous or angry soldier on either side, the hardest part is betraying the group of comrades that have had your back for the last months.

  25. have you read anything about russian military service or training? they dont think of each other as brothers in arms the way a lot of western militaries do. more veteran soldiers prey on newer ones at extreme rates in russia and there is VERY little comradeship. theres no NCO core to speak of, so no one to "bind" and lead groups together at the squad level

  26. Incompetent? They purposefully made it do 0 damage so people with advanced ATGM's can't just sit over their heli base and it helps planes kill them.

  27. its actually a bannable offense to sit over base and use AA as coverage to fire ATGM while no one can get you. big reason why it changed

  28. Well the thing is that there is "ability levels" to blanks, so if the no soul = blank thing was all there is to it, then they'd all be equal, but they aren't. Plus there are psykers like the emperor who are powerful enough to just simply overcome their blankness. I think them not having a soul is pretty easy to just consider an in-universe explanation that likely isn't the whole truth. Blanks are rare enough that the vast majority of the imperium likely has no idea what they are.

  29. in the most recent bequin book, a CSM psyker calls beta a "black-soul" not soulless, just as an interesting input here

  30. Ofc it's stronger. Meth goes through the blood-brain barrier much more easily. Once in your brain tho, they do basically the same thing.

  31. My dude that's like saying pcp and dxm are the same thing because they both cause disassociative anesthesia through similar mechanics..... There's a reason one is in cough syrup and the other gives you olneys lesions

  32. A drug free lifestyle implies not self medicating or using illegal drugs. Taking your prescription from a doctor is not "taking drugs".

  33. These are not legit solutions, not even close. It's like the Game Boy gadgets, have you seen them? There was a literal magnifying glass, lol this kind of crap will not solve anything

  34. Excuse me sir, the magnifying lens attachment for the Gameboy was legit and I won't stand for you slandering it. It had a light too

  35. what is there to investigate with clear video of a false surrender? if we're a 4 man squad and you kill one and gravely wound another, your entire squad is guilty of perfidy and is no longer protected as POW's according tot he Geneva convention. I'm sure as fuck not risking my ass or my guys asses to try and medivac AND keep a 8 russian chucklefucks under control after they just showed me their character. dead weight got dropped.

  36. Where I’m at we call them trash cans or wastebaskets. But we also say pop while the majority of the country says soda. So I don’t know if they call them anything different elsewhere in the country.

  37. Nah it's a trash can in Texas too

  38. As summer who grew up in a small town of about 500, 5k feels like a big town to me.

  39. Any opinion on Fresh frozen, vs quick dry - then washing - for the home hash maker (running less than 500g of material)

  40. I would always fresh freeze myself. I always felt like fresh frozen leached less chlorophyll into the product compared to dried. Ive also been a fan of "presoaking" my material in the freezing water for about 5 minutes before I agitate if I run dry material though, and have good luck with it.


  42. I'm no expert, but in my opinion the assertion that 'BPD is mostly a result of childhood trauma/abuse' is a house of cards built on shifting sands.

  43. Yes yes yes yes to the last bit. They are almost all CHRONICALLY online looking for attention or validation. BPD's RUSH to defend each other any possible chance they get. They can see the similarities because they all use the same playbook, and if the online person is bad, it means they're bad too.... And we can't have that.

  44. I made fun of your hand earlier , and now I feel bad, but I’m legit in the same boat, I kind of want a full on Ka-Bar

  45. I've had a kabar for years, good knife.... Would never carry it in public or as a daily though

  46. child drag shows attracting the purple?

  47. Late to the party. Wherever I look nowadays, whenever there is a new grass-root movement, I only see psy- and red flag-ops. It is all astroturfed and arranged controlled opposition.

  48. glowing so much the whole country's radioactive, i swear

  49. "he feared for his life" isn't ringing great with me brother

  50. doubt it, but interestingly BSG is really quiet recently, maybe they give it a close to finish release

  51. They're filming more cosplay videos

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