1. “Hero thinks for a moment and then…”

  2. Lo and beholdem, hero wakes up and looks down at a Pair of Fish Hooks . He places his fish hooks back in his pocket and gets ready for the next hand. The cards are in the air. Here come the ladies! Look at these queens coming to distribute coffee, soda, juice, and cocktails!

  3. Villain needs to balance his 10x overbet range on 777r MP vs BB or he'll never be a winner at live 1-2

  4. When I did the 50 point custom nation achievement, I took the "Cannot build above force limit", which I thought was good value.

  5. New player here, as France. I think the best plan is to invade England, but how do I do that? All of the opponents are AIs (but not the new one), so there is no chat or verbal agreements.

  6. Unfortunately, 1/15/23 is too high stakes for me. Let us know if they have a 1/3 or 2/5 game instead.

  7. This doesn't sound very gto. I think you could have done better if you were gto.

  8. My dog doesn't have this problem, which is why I have him grind 10nl while I'm at work.

  9. Casino kid strikes again. The casino adults will never see it coming.

  10. Instead of winning 25$ an hour for 312 hours, just win 100$ an hour while playing only 78 hours. This is far more efficient.

  11. Poker is a game of skill, but chess is basically random because there's no way of knowing what your crazy opponent will do.

  12. So you decide he's got you beat with QT or a set, and this causes you to decide to go all in?

  13. HAND ANALYSIS: Aside from stacking off 4k with K8s preflop, you played this perfectly. Your hand is obviously a winner once you hit top pair on the flop, so no need to lie about it.

  14. The best hand I've ever played was top pair. Never made anything stronger than that.

  15. Well I heard from my cousin, who is a huge nosebleed pro that no one has ever heard of, that Alan runs huge games in Hollywood and donking off a few million a day isnt some big deal because he plays 100000/200000 against billionaire droolers so hes just advertising his game and is actually better than Jungleman in a vacuum.

  16. If your cousin really is a huge nosebleed pro, you should tell him to lose some weight.

  17. Y’all are the sickest trolls on the internet

  18. Serious answer: When do you think your opponent is folding overpairs with weak or missed draws during this hand? If he's getting rid of them on the flop 3-bet or the turn bet, you're running into the goods too often on the river.

  19. You are forgetting a very serious fact about factoring in fold equity in PLO, which is that there is no fold equity in PLO.

  20. 4 bet bluff shoved with QJ in a home game

  21. As told, dealer error. The small blind is supposed to be required to put at least one chip into the pot to indicate that he is all in. As played, who knows.

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