1. Change takes time. Self reflection takes time. Do you think MMA fighters are trying to get ripped to impress the opposite sex? Or maybe they're getting ripped so they can be in peak physical condition to be at the top of their game, that would be doing it for yourself. If you want a six pack because you want to be in this peak physical condition find an actual goal to strive for, maybe you'd like to get into amateur body building? Maybe you want to just be able to crush the weights and want to be able to do your best Triple H impression at the gym. Those are reasons to do it for yourself

  2. Ugh…I don’t even know what to say. I love myself when people like me. If everyone thinks terrible things about me, how am I supposed to love myself? I don’t even know if I really do hate myself. I hate people really. Because to get what I want people want me to be a certain way. I hate working out. I absolutely despise it. But I do it everyday because I’m so desperate to be loved. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Forget it.

  3. Haters gonna hate man. I can't really stand people either for the most part but you're young man. You have plenty of time to figure shit out. At your age I just started in construction and was partying every weekend with a few buddies. Shit some of my craziest stories are from that period. Just live life man, it eventually comes together

  4. It’ll come together and if not, I’ll end it. Simple as that. I’m done playing games

  5. What self work did You do on your insecurities and self esteem.

  6. Idk what you mean by that. Like stuff the therapist told me that I did, stuff I’m doing now, stuff I was doing then….can you clarify please?

  7. What work are you doing with your therapist to improve your self esteem? Are you practicing self compassion? Are you learning how to stop negative self talk as it happens, and then refocusing with positive self talk? Are you setting small and manageable goals so that you get frequent dopamine releases when you reach those goals?

  8. Ooh! Is that Vietnamese? Tôi đang học tiếng việt!

  9. I have before but it doesn't really do it for me. That and I usually have a phone in one hand haha

  10. You shouldn’t….but I’m guilty of sticking around people I shouldn’t because of I am lonely, sooo I don’t know what’ll happen. But…try to stay away. It doesn’t seem like she’s interested in continuing any sort of friendship or anything else anyway for better or for worse.

  11. Probably…oh wait. You thought I was being sarcastic!!! No!!! I wasn’t. I actually didn’t mean to respond to you specifically anyway. That was an accident, it was supposed to be just a general comment. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, :/

  12. I’m sorry for being defensive, I misunderstood your comment.

  13. Loyalist? So a restoration of the British monarchy? If that’s the case then: Always loyal. Or forever faithful. If not, and it’s just monarchist, then maybe: Many peoples, one monarch?

  14. The only problem is political ideas are getting to be like sports records.

  15. Fair enough, but I feel you should be free to post your ideas here.

  16. Freedom to post indeed. But never forget freedom to get posted comes with freedom to get roasted. Lol.

  17. Well….it is the internet. I can’t say anything to that lol

  18. Both sound good to me. It depends on the nation and circumstances.

  19. I doubt I’ll ever need a condom again in my life, but I’ll check CVS if I need some.

  20. I once knew a girl, she had a dozen guys. One found out about, beat her up so bad, she ended up in a hospital on Guerrero Street.

  21. This make it sound super epic (and it is) I need to remember this next time I want to introduce it to someone

  22. Especially when you look at the supposed after picture and you’re bigger than that already. Lol.

  23. that's fine, i mean it still had to do with the Thing i said, so it's fine, But one question i must know, is i see a ''American Semi-Constitutionalist'' thing under your Username, How did you get that?

  24. Oh yeah, go to the subreddit’s homepage, click the three dots on the side, and select change user flair. This wasn’t one of the default ones, but you can select one and then choose to edit it and put whatever you want. I use mobile though, so I don’t know if it’s different on desktop.

  25. To clarify though, 好き and 大好き can also be used for romantic love too though, right?

  26. I didn’t even know the Independent State of Croatia was a monarchy. I thought it was a fascist dictatorship.

  27. In theory it was kinda both, like how Romania or Italy itself were constitutional monarchies, just with a fascist dictator under them instead of an elected government.

  28. Yes. My ex cried the first time we had sex. But, it seemed she was getting used to it, but then she left me. :(

  29. Haha….no. Her loss was completely devastating and basically wrecked my life. Well, that’s going a bit far. More like, there were already many problems in my life, but the heartbreak exacerbated the situation and made everything 700 times worse. I still haven’t fully recovered from losing her, and it’s been over a year. I’ve been chasing the high of that relationship and happiness ever since, never being able to find anything near it or being able to recover my life and put it back in order. So much for big dick=great sex+love life. But everyone here already knows that.

  30. I think it’s good the way it is now. It doesn’t completely solve the issue of teams tanking, but no Sam Hinkie cheesing of the system can happen now at least. Well, at least, you can try, but it won’t be as effective nowadays.

  31. What exactly are Teku rights? Lol Playing loud music, remembering who’s the Teku leader, running away because you suck but then having a redemption arc???? Teku customization or more commonly known as Teku-izing????

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