1. Sometimes when I wake up, I like to pretend im my own hype man. I will say things like lets go get this bread. And then start cheering myself on. It makes me happy. I also like to do face exercises in the whatever mirror I see. The more ugly i make my face, the more I know my default isnt that bad lol. I sing off beat and loudly to songs in the morning in the car. Before i was pregnant, I try to do handstands with my kids. We all suck, but its fun. I sleep with disney music rain sound ost playing on my phone. My dreams are silly, but I dont usually have nightmares. Mainly, I like to watch shows that have happy colors and i had my favorite color in every outfit.Whether its my earrings, purse, shoes, coat, etc. Just seeing the pop of pink makes me smile. Since it reminds me of my baby girl. And she is a goofball.

  2. I had a few encouters with white male teachers and pushing their limits, most traumatic experience I had. I was saved by my brother who had no idea what was happening. I think alot of nerdy and quiet black women need to be cautious as pedophiles feed on loners.

  3. I honestly don't care about who they pair them with. It just most shows or movies when the pairing is suppose to be a big deal (Romance/fantasy). Its bw/wm. Whereas other race pairing, its not the main focus with the exclusion of othello and save the last dance. Its hard to get a good reading because there has been a big push for bw/wm since princess in the frog and Star trek 2009. But in real life you see more bm/ww. I think more people are pushing it because now its the new fantasy. Like how before latina pairings were the new fantasy, and before that asian pairings. Its really weird. Soon enough, they are going to run out of people and then robot human pairing will be the new fantasy.

  4. I see the bm/ww trope the most by far. The media does an incredible job at depicting BM as desperately lusting for everything lighter than them. Social media is by far the worst about it. It is an agenda and it's been going on for awhile.

  5. Seems like this happens in real life too. As most black male celebrities are only pictured with other race women. And the same vice versa with black women.

  6. I don't see it tbh, I still see white ppl slammed because AAVE sounds "stupid" and why are you speaking like "uneducated ppl". Overall aversion to blackness

  7. This. I usually see it associated with negativity no matter the race using it.

  8. Sounds like your mom grew up without a personality and relied on being light skinned as her only saving grace. I've seen alot of women like that, and its usually, no offense to your momma, the ugly ones that do it. And I have seen them get their butts handed to them by the dark skinned girls they bullied. Like it was a freaking rite of passage or something. I agree with the rest of the commentors, therapy seems like a good option as it might be because of the years of abuse by a loved one. She might have crushed your confidence.

  9. My mom pop out 16 of us starting at 19 and ending at 42 . All natural, born at home with midwifes.

  10. not really a highlight week. but im just happy. dont know why. but im not going to knock it.

  11. Learning that my baby is growing well and I still have no signs of preeclampsia. I also got to see her beautiful face on the 3d ultrasound and she has my nose and her daddy's lips 🥺🥺. 7 more weeks to go until I meet her💜

  12. I have had two kids myself and a great experience in birth. I did have a bad experience with a provider to I changed at 38 weeks with my second. The first provider was nice enough but didn’t listen to me. My births were quick, smooth and pleasant. I would recommend you get a black provider to protect yourself from institutionalized racism as much as possible. If you find a provider that wants to treat being black as a risk factor that is a red flag.

  13. Question. I was looking into midwofe, but i am petrified of the pain. My mother had all 16 of us at home with a midwife, but she is super woman. Do midwifes offer epidural or something to help decrease the pain. Also how is the pricing.

  14. Depending on the type of midwife. Yes. Hospital based midwives will offer epidurals and iv pain medicine (I do not recommend) out of hospital midwives in homes and birth centers usually do not offer pain medication but honestly that is one of the reasons you choose to go to those providers. Not to use the medication. For me it was intense but didn’t actually feel painful. Labor feels different for different people. Some people really do want and need pain management. And that is all good. In an out of hospital setting we recommend movement and hydrotherapy for coping measures to help get people get through labor. Also massage. It really depends on what people are needing in the moment.

  15. Yea that would defeat the purpose being in the hospital. Thank you.

  16. I love this. I tell my spouse all the time its something about those lips look so beautiful . oh and some chocolate skin. So pretty. I wasnt blessed with those features, but I love the way they look.

  17. Not sure how to edit the post anymore , but here is a link to the job posting.

  18. If you're 'just posting an opportunity,' you can take the silly 10 years xp off it... or even just change it to 'industry experience', which is what you are actually looking for.

  19. I didnt call a specific user out on hostile comments. Just made the declaration that some do read like that. Also. I thought it would be great to inform the users of all the information i know about the offer which was the user has to be in the industry for 10+ years. If I were to omit the information that I did know. people would say its too vague. like they are already doing about the salary. I just know, now in the future. I will not do anything like this again.

  20. Jesus where do you guys live? That's horrible that's that happening to you. Even more so that its a frequent occurrence.

  21. I hope you find love and support. Because you are not getting any from your family.

  22. not sleeping. if it takes me getting checked out, I have to get some sleep.

  23. I felt that too. my heart hurt when she said she wish she was killed. its so messed up that she feels like that. I just watch a video of male university students walking out because the Taliban is refusing to let females attend. I wish we could have a fraction of that respect. I think once this is over. she will be leaving the black community like Serena, Eve and others have done.

  24. not gonna lie, at a few points I stop liking them, and it took me a bit to comeback. been a fan since the song girls generation. fell off at the boys. came back after I got a boy. left again during Jessicagate, came back with oh gg and still going strong. it took some time for me to realize just because I like a group or songs doesn't mean I have to like all the people in the group or all the songs they put out.

  25. I have bad news. And this was basically the test. If you can’t google “Odin rails” you’re career switch ain’t happening

  26. wow, I was just talking about this with my spouse. All my old coworkers who were black were great. Lend me a hand and stood up for black rights in the work place. This new group that came in, and its only the males just hate me. Some straight up tried to get me fired. My white boss laughed in his face. its like an influx of them, but they treat the other black women just fine. I chalk it up to being because I'm in IT, and we usually are the ugly step child at any company. But it just feels off when no one else treats you badly at your company except the new black men. I'm not sure what being a barbie mean, but the way they phrased it sound like it was suppose to be an insult.

  27. making cosplays for my kiddos and doing more festivals with them.

  28. As an IT girl, I got out of furniture assembly but still had to deal with anything that used electricity. Including fixing personal PCs of managers and having to go to a users house to fix their home pc that the “used for work”. I was too naive to push back on that one. These days I’d refuse.

  29. I was gonna post something similar. I dont build heavy furniture or dump the trash or other misc task. Which I don't mind at all. Some of our users don't even like me moving there desk equipment over because they feel bad watching me move it while they have the strength to do it themselves. But yea, if it touches electricity we should know how to fix it.

  30. So I loved seeing this pic go around! Did you know that black dads in the US are MORE LIKELY to be involved in the daily care of young kids than dads of other races?

  31. I never said to be antagonistic towards dads. I said dads are praise when women who do the same are not. Because that is what is expected of mothers. Like I mentioned in my day to day, there are more events praising dads at my children school and daycares, then what mothers have. I feel like it should be the same amount of praise for both. Comparing one race to another is beside the point as this is more so a gender/role issue than race. Since we are specifically talking about this one picture. No one defined bare minimum, so it is more so perceived as a variable of tasks performed based on user perception. What you may view is a lot, might be different from what others view as the requirement. There is a stereotype about black males that are invalidated by this one photograph. But because the user choose to only display the one event picture, it seems as if the women are either 1. not doing the same as the fathers, 2. not giving the same praise/opportunities, 3. all of the above. That's just what I took from the pic, but I still think it's a good pic at the end of the day. Because I love seeing parents involved in their kids lives.

  32. im specifically targeting the shock and wow factor when its a black father- because of the stereotype placed on us during Jim Crow

  33. Understandable, I mentioned that it is the stereotype in the comment. I was only adding further to the conversation that its not just a race issue but a gender issue. Woman in general are not praise for doing the bare minimum in all races. But the sad part is more black women are in fact blamed for bad upbringing while males who do the bare minimum are praised. This in fact is done more so by people in the same community to each other. Not trying to downplay the issue at all that it is racism, but this its more so gender division as opposed to merely race.

  34. I liked it enough that I eventually got my first real job tutoring people from basics to calculus. I knew people struggled really hard with it, and most of the time it was just the foundations. I wish that a lot of teachers would really learn that different kids have different learning methods and speeds. I don't tutor anymore since I just don't have the time/patience. I feel like its not a gender thing or a age thing because honestly I never cared for it until junior year of highschool and I Majored in something unrelated at uni. Math is one of the only subjects that there will always be just one solution, whether its +/- an integer, or an imaginary number, a cluster of factors or it just simply doesn't exist.

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