1. We bought a couple of great firm mattresses from IKEA in Cairo

  2. I'm very curious as to the context of how this question arose.

  3. I'm currently in my obgyn rotation; I want to enter GP training and I wanted to know what I should be focusing on

  4. Ours are entirely clinically orientated and literally won’t find a single question on anatomy etc

  5. I guess academic is basic sciences and clinical is basically medicine surgery paediatrics obgyn etc?

  6. I certainly know about it but I haven't used it before. It seems overwhelming and I don't know where to begin.

  7. Anything specific you'd like to go through radiology wise? Or is it just acute stuff

  8. I feel many ppl see a judo technique in MMA then attributed it to wrestling especially in North America.

  9. almost all judo techniques have existed in the various styles of wrestling for thousands of years They can be seen on the walls of sumerian, ancient egyptian and greek monuments

  10. Corporate bonds are more correlated with stocks that’s something to be aware of. Also don’t think bonds should be used solely for returns

  11. Yes but wouldn't the slightly greater correlation with stocks be worth the increased ROR?

  12. That depends on your risk tolerance and your desire to rebalance from bonds to stocks around stock market corrections.

  13. Well allocating a small portion to stocks would substantially increase the risk, while corporate bonds are sort of "middle ground" between the low returns but high safety of treasuries and high risk high return nature of stocks

  14. there is nothing stopping you from learning at any age

  15. Really, tho? Adult bodies are not nearly as resilient as kids/teens' bodies. Wrestling causes a substantial amount of wear and tear that most of us would find pretty difficult to sustain, unless you're some kind of genetic freak/on peds.

  16. Here are my 2 posts on PM and why you might include them in a portfolio. By the way. I dont consider jewelry an investment. I have a Rolex Submariner. I wear it to work, it has scratches on it already. I wear it in the pool, shower, etc. but I enjoy it. I didn’t buy it as an investment. Because I don’t consider it one. It is a tool for me to use and enjoy.

  17. How to invest in international index funds (eg vanguard s&p 500) as an egyptian living in egypt ?

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