1. Da-le in plm nu ajungem noi la nivelul coreei de sud nici peste 100 de ani

  2. You must play God of War 2018 before you touch Ragnarok. Both that game and this newer one are 10/10 games and have some of the best stories in gaming ,hell even in any medium i’d say. I know it can be anti-climatic to buy a new ps5 and first play a ps4 game,but it is for the best trust me

  3. Even if her body is 100% unattainable in a video game in a TLOU world , we don’t care.

  4. Eu am vandut un PS4 slim acum ceva vreme ,am scris foarte clar in descriere ca nu accept schimburi si unul a vrut sa imi dea un caine la schimb.

  5. Am terminat God of War Ragnarok saptamana trecuta si chiar e un joc de 10/10. Azi mi-am comandat un Nintendo Switch Oled sa ma pot juca in sfarsit Breath of the Wild

  6. Botw also keep in mind is a quite old game and many other games have been inspired by it and have improved on the formula. So it may not live up to the crazy hype around it.

  7. I what ways could Sekiro ever ever be similar to BoTW ?? I beat it 6 times and can’t see a similarity.

  8. Make God a joke is debatable but the rest I agree with 100% and I’m an atheist

  9. Not to be the party pooper ( I will be the party pooper) but Dark Souls deserves a Remake more than Dark Souls 2. It’s the older and much better game so it should naturally be next in line.

  10. You will want to get a ps5 later😅… To try out Bloodborne and Demon’s souls remake

  11. Part 1 had the oerfrct ending and did not need a sequel. But part 2 needs one,Ellie’s story can’t just end like that

  12. In the mean time,try the 4 horsemen of apocalypse of PS4 games :

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