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  1. Why’s that? I mix oak into my compost regularly and they don’t seem to break down that differently than my other leaves. Why are oak unique?

  2. Lots of folks say this about oak leaves. I think it stems from the fact that often oaks don’t lose their leaves until spring (at least this is true in certain climates) kinda like how the leaves of beach trees cling on through the winter. I think this fact has somehow misled folks into thinking that oak leaves are slow to break down. But it’s just not true. They compost as quickly as the leaves of most other deciduous trees.

  3. Interesting. I’ve got a pretty damn active pile currently with pumpkins + thanksgiving so I’m imagining my pile will go through leaves quick. My fiancées grandparents had 12 bags of leaves in their driveway when we went for thanksgiving to be taken to the dump, so I loaded em up and took em home instead. Mostly oak

  4. Yeah, oak leaves are incredible compost material, as will all other deciduous leaves (possible exception being the walnut—not sure about walnut trees). You were smart to bring them to your place. About the oak leave belief, I’ll say this. The “folk” say a lot of stuff; some of it wise, some absurd. This is one of the absurd beliefs, along the lines of “pine needles are super acidic” and “coffee grounds are super acidic” and “you can’t compost meat or dairy or citrus peels”…. The list of common but obviously false composting and gardening beliefs is astoundingly long. The great thing is that they are easily dispelled with the smallest bit of effort. Keep doing your thing, beautiful sunflower. Never mind the crazys. :)

  5. Poinsettia growers finish the crop with warmer nights and cooler days (negative diff) in order to slow the flowering process (I.e. hold the color) and expand bract size. So avoid hard, fast rules. Check with other growers of your crop to see how they do it and then play around to see for yourself. Have fun.

  6. For poinsettias, what is a cheaper and less complicated approach for better color than indoor climate steering is higher levels of acidity. Little bit of lemon does the trick.

  7. You appear to be disagreeing with a claim I didn’t make. The negative diff is for slowing or holding the color and for expanding bract size. I made no claim about temperature management for color development.

  8. I’ve been growing uninterrupted for ten years. The only time I got mites was when I took plants from others. Been mite free for eight years and I never spray a thing.

  9. Bro. That one with the droopy leaves desperately needs water

  10. Two things first: dehumidifier or fan. Air flow is big factor. The shape of that fungus bloom indicates there is no airflow. Humidity is key. The algae on the roof tile indicates a humid environment. So there are the first two factors that can be easily addressed. If that doesn’t prevent further growth, chemical treatment will be necessary.

  11. Maybe the new shelves were just bare wood/ply as well? Looks like the other shelves are treated.

  12. Bare wood would never mold like that. Maybe not “never,” but you get the point. I’m sure there’s bare wood in that garage not covered in mold. It’s got to be some particle board that was contaminated during production or wasn’t adequately pretreated. Personally, I’d toss the moldy boards and use wood.

  13. Yes for a basic setup you can use this with Epsom salt. I think the right mix is 1 tablespoon of MiracleGro and 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt per gallon of water.

  14. This is exactly correct. It’s possible you will need to also add calcium, but I can’t quite tell what’s in that stuff.

  15. I'm just wondering: is something not vegan if it's been fertilised with manure? Because I don't see a substantial difference (I assume the animal wasn't slaughtered for the horns), and I guess that would make it very difficult to be vegan. Honestly, I'm just curious, not trying to bash vegans or anything....

  16. There is no answer to your question because any answer depends on the particular vegan’s level of fruitcakery. Some would say, no, manure fed plants aren’t vegan; others would say, yes. Truth is, “vegan” is a vague term intending to capture a certain material input purity that is, basically, unachievable outside of high contrived contexts. So different levels of purity are accepted by some card-carriers and rejected by others.

  17. In my opinion, the smaller carrots are useless. I still use them because I purchased them, but any time I can, I use the maxi. For a 40 gal, you can get away with one single carrot if you’re using blusoak tape. If you’re using drippers, you might be able to get away with just two carrots, but in that case, I would use five drippers per carrot and I would link them so they’re a continuous loop beginning from one carrot and ending at the other carrot. Good luck.

  18. As an old head I proceeded to take it out of the cardboard pack it and combust the shit out of my first pack. Then I watched a few YouTube videos about it fucked with it for like two weeks then bought a fmj and I now love it.

  19. What’s an fmj, my guy? I’m trying to learn from y’all before I buy one. I need a good handheld device and these look like my style.


  21. That’s a hilarious audio, bro. Y’all’s gear is on point. Keep grinding!

  22. Max has laser-sharp intelligence and a good upright character. If he says he has reasons, then they are good reasons. RB are just all around top notch. Whorener will make sure this max-slander is stopped.

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