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  1. How was this? I wanted to try it but ended up with the EPBC instead because I haven’t seen or heard of this

  2. I've never seen it in any other size. Keep an eye out for the EPBC smalls though. Got them for $26/tenth before sale. They're just as good as the regular tenths.

  3. Picking a half oz up right now from bloom, it’s 25% off so 169 otd instead of 210, I’m literally geeking as I sit here. It’s funny how you talk things into existence, it really is the way

  4. Is there no QR Code to the COA results on this either? There seem to have removed them from all their products.. What's wrong Klutch? Don't like that people called you out on your mold problems?

  5. There is no QR code for results on the half bag of this I got this past week either.

  6. Just picked up modified grapes, because it was listed at zen leaf as VERANO brand, I explained that to cashier, he got the manager they tried to convince me it’s the same, but it’s the value brand of VERANO and taste as such. This batch was 31% but that doesn’t matter, Take like air/hay Terrible taste, no effects, well maybe some effects but geeez it taste like shit, too harsh to get thru to the effects.

  7. Great light sweet bubble gum smell, unique taste, not very familiar but I’m a fan. Almost reminds me of apres. Taste just about as good as it smells, nose 8/10, taste 7.5/10, effects 9.5/10. This is a good strain, I knew instantly that it was a 30%+ batch shortly after inhale. Effective almost immediately. Felt it on top of my head light very great feeling, within about 10 minutes time I went from ready to call it a night to ready to get active, I hopped up cleaned up, showered, and got stuff done. Gave me appetite and energy for the evening. $180 a half on sale for 155 OTD. Picked up from sunnyside Friday evening, Took 30 minutes from arrival to exit which was pretty decent. I’m very glad I picked this up and will definitely pickup again.

  8. I stay away from it, even on a budget I find myself getting quality half’s for $90-110

  9. I added to cart and saw that it was indeed shake. I don’t do shake anymore, the one time I tried some galenas dual og shake 10th bags they were ass. I picked thru the leafy trimmings and was able to get a good .3 out of it. So disappointed even for the $20

  10. Same thing happened when using the battery they gave me, I assumed it was specially made for their carts but it burnt the coil out on first hit 😕

  11. Found a couple of seeds in mine, only a 10th but quite a few actually. I thought it was pretty tasty on the backend but this review was accurate. I’d give it a 6/10 and most likely will stay away from this one in the future and the strawberry slush as well. It had a terrible smell and taste and the effects were mild. Disappointing for sure considering Buckeye Relief has been pretty consistent quality wise

  12. Just wait 2 years from the last inquires, use credit karma and experian both offer free information to help you on your credit building journey. I suggest staying away from annual fees and don’t rush into getting a credit card. Build an emergency fund, get a good cushion so that when you’re able to get a credit card you’ll be in a better position to use it responsibly

  13. Garlic breath 2.0 by buckeye be putting my ass down, so does lemon dosido also by buckeye, and dark rainbow by certified was pretty good as well

  14. It hit my bank account. Thanks for letting me know. I don’t think I would’ve noticed it😅

  15. These be 10x the cost of regular grapes 😭 almost grabbed some by mistake.

  16. A nuclear bomb is about to detonate and vaporize everyone in the scene. OP is having some fun by making it seem like an idyllic situation because many people know what happens next.

  17. This was an intense scene for 5 year old me. We saw it in theaters and I enjoyed it very much. But this definitely caught me off guard

  18. I’ve only ever gotten halves of galenas on sale. Most I’d pay for a half is $155 OTD and even then I feel a little guilty of spending so much. It’s good no doubt but overpriced. They really need some more dispensaries and more cultivators and more competitive pricing all across the board.

  19. Let’s see that what the stereo options are. I believe you would press media not once but twice to switch between modes, the usb would work the same way, you could maintain a charge on your device and play music through the usb port, it also sends information like song title and artist when usb option as well.

  20. Animal Face is one of all time favorites! Anything with Animal in it just does something to me but that strain from Woodward was absolutely amazing!

  21. I’m glad you found my post helpful. This community has definitely helped me a ton over the past 2 years and so it’s nice to know i made a good contribution

  22. Label pic would be dope. I’d love to see the terpes and harvest date. This is definitely one of my top 10 strains

  23. If it were a 11 year old Lexus or Acura with solid maintenance record for that price but a Chrysler with 100k is at about the end of its life. I worked at Chrysler, dodge, jeep, and ram for a short time and learned pretty quickly that those customer don’t maintain their vehicles like honda or lexus customers. Lexus cars even 10 years old were clean and well maintained. 2 year old Hondas and Toyotas were coming in trashy and stinky as well. So I would definitely recommend a higher end vehicle if you’re looking to keep those cheaper payments, but with used car prices up so high year over year it almost makes better sense financially in the long run to get a brand new base model if it’s comparable in total cost.

  24. Yo I’m having issues with the Mountain Dew endorsement deal. It says that I completed all the necessary requirements for it I even played the game with dr disrespect and got the deal but I didn’t get the vc or the vest. Does anyone have a fix for that ? Also it’s not under the completed quest list

  25. Same. It was one of the first quests I tried. I wasn’t successful. Did everything else but this still remains incomplete. The quest icon is still there but the Dr is not. Hopefully there is a patch soon as it’s been over a month 🥺

  26. For me what I had to do was close 2k and go back to where Dr.Disrespect was and the quest was there. It just wasn’t popping up with the rest. I finally ended up getting the Mountain Dew endorsement

  27. Finally worked with that patch yesterday. I was able to collect the VC and the items, as well as a bunch of MVP points from quests already completed.

  28. I’d love to come up on a half bag of this right about now, or ever 😮‍💨 it’s been a while since I’ve seen this one and it not be trim

  29. May I ask you what you mean by chemical taste? I swear my last few Klutch purchases of completely different strains all had the exact same chemical smell and taste. Not a natural weed "chem" smell either. I havent had O43 in a long time though.

  30. Some kind of cleaner, it might be a preference for some. But I wasn’t really digging it. It does have a shit ton of terpinolene and maybe that’s it. Whatever it is comes across as a pine-sol type smell and taste,!I like it because of its uniqueness but it’s overwhelming

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