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  1. I am currently on the grind as well (Level ~850) and for me there are only 2 viable options.

  2. Friendly reminder que las nochebuenas son muy tóxicas para los gatos, así que aguas.

  3. okay how do i get to lockers in splatoon 3 🧍

  4. It's to the left of the food store inside the matchmaking lobby. You need to be at least level 4.

  5. I took two infections. Through a vaccination.

  6. "ha when archaeologists dig up your bones theyll see you really are [agab]"

  7. 3) "Those same archeologists when examining your skeleton also won't realize you were such an asshole"

  8. The first couple of days are the hardest. Soon you'll learn abilities that help you exercise for a longer time.

  9. Definitivamente necesitas ir con un gastroenterólogo. Lamentablemente encontrar uno bueno es difícil.

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