1. Wouldn’t there also be a tiebreaker if EG win and G1 make finals?

  2. I really hope monkeymoon doesn't make any rash career decisions if they lose this, it's just been one subpar split

  3. Hopefully missing out on the major will help him in his personal life a little. The break should be good for him

  4. Noly and Jack really showing how much a change in scenery can help you improve. Jack was good last season, but he looks like a completely different player now. Same for Noly from Guild to KC as well.

  5. Does AXLE still have a chance if they win or is it confirmed? I almost want the tiebreaker with them just for pure chaos

  6. I think if they win it all and G2 lose in semis then they can play a tiebreaker with G2

  7. I've heard a few casters say now that line "hand down, man down" but like what does that even mean?

  8. This subreddit thinks every other tweet is impression farming.

  9. can someone link optics stream i cant find one

  10. But NRG had to play g2 and faze soo we deserved this luck

  11. Every caster has crutch words and phrases, it happens

  12. please dont say that, i want this team to actually make LAN

  13. omg please let this mean we get to see Kash play at an RLCS LAN. really hope they keep this up

  14. He said on his stream he is only doing EU for now. Seems to be a decision by psyonix as he also said he's going to "work hard" because he wants to "work on everything"

  15. Was that his choice or RLCS choice or do we know?

  16. On his stream he said something like "i'm just going to work hard because i want to be working on everything". so it sounds as though it wasn't his decision

  17. RelatingWave is ready to quiet the doubters.

  18. He can quiet the doubters when he shows up on LAN. And I hope he does!

  19. Falcons strategically going to round 5 now so they can get bottom seed and knock out KRN early in the playoffs.

  20. If this whole thing has been Rapid's idea of 'impression farming' he could at least try be somewhat interesting. This all started from Rapid genuinely ranting about Vatira joining KC and now he is just trying to play it off with absolutely dead patter.

  21. Gamers First sounds like some sort of non-profit organisation for the most oppressed class: the Gamer

  22. So… Can someone explain how PK beat Gen.G?

  23. PK are actually quite good, GenG aren't as good as everyone kept talking them up to be

  24. Ive seen people here and there over the past month say that Moist will out of top 5 in EU now that Vatira is gone. Do most people agree with this assessment? AztraL is a great pickup IMO and I can still see them making deep runs in tourneys.

  25. Losing Vatira definitely hurts them, but looking at other rosters in EU I still think they can get high placements pretty regularly.

  26. James and Daz looking extremely deflated in all the NRG gear will never not be funny

  27. So this means they are competing in NA? Or is the org gonna let them compete in EU?

  28. Most likely they compete in EU since they've had a roster in EU before, plus no news of any of these players moving to NA

  29. This πŸ‘† is definitely a team 😀 that exists πŸ˜‚ and/or will do some damage πŸ’₯ and/or will make a regional πŸ˜ˆπŸ’― and/or will not make it out of open quals πŸ’€

  30. Dude. Fuck off. All you do is copy and paste.

  31. Crazy, i didn't know that, thanks for telling me. I wasn't aware i was mocking people that post the same comments on every post

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