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  1. It’s been my experience that the people who kill themselves (notwithstanding child rapists) are nearly universally the ones who are decent human beings. To have such a strong sense of shame to take one’s own life out of feels of guilt, being a burden, or losing a loved one is often also coupled with being absolutely devoted to one’s career, integrity and family.

  2. Someone, somehow is going to decide when it's time to start taking people's shit and redistributing it to the refugees or whatever. Never once in history has this sort of thing ended well for the law abiding citizens. Not once. If the government itself doesn't come after the people, organized criminal gangs or foreign state actors will.

  3. Every week it feels worse and worse. Yesterday, the number of grammar errors it let through after checking the same text three times was staggering. If they expect me to pay $42 for this kind for service, no thanks.

  4. Maybe it’s learning from all the NPCs using it.

  5. When I saw what sub this was on, I was totally expecting the water to turn brown and then come gushing out of the toilet like a volcano

  6. Ah yes, the Golden Corral chocolate Wonderfall.

  7. Looks like it was done by a Filipino utility worker.

  8. I was flying a slightly unfamiliar plane several years ago. I took it up on an evening flight around sunset to get fuel. Winds were calm. Tower at the airport I was going to was closed. I dialed in Unicom and made all my CTAF announcements. As I’m crossing the runway threshold I see another plane landing opposite of me. I go around, pissed off that someone was landing and not talking to anyone. Then I realized it was me. I’d been so used to just selecting Unicom in the freq page on the 430 for uncontrolled fields I’d forgotten to use tower as CTAF. It was definitely a human factors type of error and as a result, I monitor Unicom on the #2 radio when I’m using tower as CTAF, just in case there’s a dumbass on unicom instead of tower for CTAF. This was before ADS-B, which while isn’t to be trusted fully, is just an incredible piece of tech for situational awareness.

  9. It’s really nice when an animal enjoys playing a game and learns the rules. I used to walk by my old boxer’s crate while he was laying in his bed and rip a fart. At some point, he caught on and if my girlfriend and I were on the couch, he was get up, stroll out from his crate, walk over to us, fart, and walk back and lay down.

  10. I know building codes can be a pain in the ass but I’m glad to live in a country where they are enforced

  11. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't an actual upvoted comment from the original....

  12. Yeah. You don’t stop drill a running crack on a spinner.

  13. Looks like someone has a healthy amount of activity on those sheets.

  14. You think people answer truthfully? One of the big issues with 2016 was that trump voters were difficult to poll.

  15. I work in IT, and have been working at a national bank for 10 years now.

  16. That quote from the big short where everyone had systems failures.

  17. I go out of my way to put myself in the position of someone who is customer facing. Even if I’m ripping pissed, I state calmly that I’m very upset and express empathy for who I’m interacting with. The people who should be getting yelled at are never the ones you interact with directly.

  18. In Europes defence, baguettes are great anti tank weapons

  19. The biscuits in the army, they say they’re mighty fine…

  20. The fact of the matter is there is no statistical reason for the braces to be banned. When people started using them they weren't wide spread and they were being used as intended as a forearm strap, or stabilizer. As time passed the obvious was learned about them, and people started using them as a stock on short barreled guns. That left the ATF in a position where they were banning SBRs, but had approved essentially SBRs under a different name. Guess what question that brings up? "If you are just going to let us have defacto SBRs, and there is no statistics to back up any claim to them being any more dangerous than anything else, then why on earth would we continue to ban SBRs?" If that domino falls, it is a stones throw from asking why we keep suppressors regulated. Summiting that hill then leads to the obvious question.. what parts of the NFA and GCA are actually legitimate, and which need to be gotten rid of. It also begs the question why are we funding the ATF particularly if we began taking their reasons for existence away... IT is all about maintaining their jobs and their authority, and little more.

  21. The NFA was about providing jobs for all the alcohol regulators after the repeal of prohibition. That whole Valentine’s Day massacre would have not been affected by the NFA considering they got police uniforms from somewhere too.

  22. Kinda like cracker? Never heard that before

  23. Ahhh yes. Oh, ruined my day. Boy, shouldn't have called me a cracker, bringing me back to owning land and people. What a drag. — Louis CK

  24. Well, that just killed the idea of any YouTuber other than maybe brandon herrera ever shooting machine guns. Cause you know Youtube is gonna hop in line on this one.

  25. Clearly a good guy. We have a lot of those types here in the states, but most of them don’t care much for being in cities.

  26. Grew up in NC. Northerners would make fun of the locals for staying home when we’d get winter weather. They didn’t understand that it’s all ice.

  27. Life hack. Call FBO and ask if they have some deal worked out with a local hotel for a rate for pilots. Most do. Added bonus is that sometimes you get to bang flight attendants if you’re too lazy to jerk off.

  28. If I’m not mistaken, and it’s pretty dark, the rot from the other body infects the living twin. The toxicity of which kills them. I swear I read that a while ago, apologies if I’m proven wrong.

  29. So are we like lobsters to where we become poisonous when we die?

  30. We had to try to do a few non-ADA compliant sidewalks and sidewalk landings in a wheelchair for work to see how difficult it was, everyone was struggling to get up even the most benign looking incline, the young or old, heavy or weak, strong or not. The angle of change they give you is crazy low, but it absolutely needs to be, going down even a small incline in a giant chair made of wheels makes controlling entering the street walkway a very difficult feat, getting up that same incline out of the street and oncoming traffic is near impossible.

  31. What gets me is what shit wheelchair designs appear to be in spite of all of the lightweight composites used in bicycles, options for mechanical advantage, power, et cetera. The thing people are relegated to for months or years of their life immediately draws pity from people. I get it, being stuck in a wheelchair is a somewhat sad state for people, especially those permanently confined to one, but I would like to start seeing new designs to where I see a wheelchair, it doesn’t register as one and I think “whoa! That thing looks awesome!”

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