1. My cats are always banging their heads on things, and we get concerned about their brains getting damaged.

  2. Different people have different levels of allergies. I'm allergic to dogs, I've got two- the constant sneezes, sniffles, congestion, and breaking out from getting licked is worth the unbridled joy they bring me

  3. "Human, we know we bring you discomfort, so we'll just love on you even more!"

  4. In this case, kitty was trying, but big fur brain was in the way.

  5. My favorite Expanse ship changes all the time. Protogen stealth ship, Morrigan, Donny, Raptor, Razorback etc. So many awesome looking designs.

  6. I'll always have a soft spot for a Donny class. Dem rail guns and main drives are just sweet. And that hangar!

  7. That's the part that annoyed me the most. They didn't have the mural!

  8. No, they just never try again. Zhao uses them by pulling rank - they prove to be very effective, so why doesn’t Azula do the same when she is hunting Aang? She is the second most powerful person in the Fire nation, I think she could have swung it.

  9. Do you think Azula would have cared about their honour Code?

  10. I didn't say she wouldn't care. They would. She could have tried to use them, but their honor kept them from taking the job, so she has them all killed for disobeying her.

  11. It's worth noting even at warp: Ships capable of a stable cruising velocity of warp 9.8 or so cruise along most of the time at warp 6 or 8, even though the "galactic speed limit" situation appears to have been solved. Presumably even high warp just isn't always worth the cost.

  12. High warp = higher degradation/wear of parts and components. Think of it like a car. Yeah, most can do 160 kmh, but doing so will wear out various parts of the car and consume more fuel then driving at say 96 kmh.

  13. I feel like I’m 800 years they should’ve figured out how to make it faster or synthesize it but idk

  14. There could be any number of reasons why they couldn't. Maybe it requires some sort of stable quantum background that means they can't have too many synthesizers close together, while also requiring a natural gravity well of just the right gravity, and a stable magnetosphere with solar winds blowing just right.

  15. Not exactly the same thing but in the same vein. Any economy would need a bank like system if it gets big enough. Cradle is pretty big, bigger than Earth apparently with more than 100Billion souls

  16. Im pretty sure if I recall correctly gender was on the list of their very least concerns.

  17. Pretty sure several gods did have fun times with very inanimate objects that resulted in said object becoming pregnant.

  18. Or even better, “Message to the Japanese Salaryman who got pancaked by a train, I wish to parlay”.

  19. I think that one would actually get her angrier with you, this resulting in you not being long for the world…along with the surrounding probably five kilometers in all directions.

  20. Not anymore then claiming to be an apostle of “Being X” come to make her Repent.

  21. Claiming to be an apostle and wanting to parley might actually keep you alive longer…before she looks you in the eyes and blows your brain case out.

  22. The most dangerous thing after a Martian marine is a UN marine. I'm sure someone has a more accurate qoute.

  23. They sell deer and elk antlers for dogs to chew on and it’s good for their teeth. My girl LOVES them. Has everyone seen the doorbell cam of the elk shedding it’s antlers in someone’s yard? It’s kind of funny actually and amazing!

  24. I love how it seemed to spook itself when they fell off

  25. Kick the rubber of the front wheel. Won’t cause damage, but will cause steering to register input and set off alarm. They’ll get the notification and come running.

  26. Underground parking facility with no reception. They won't get the notification. OP has said it in a few comments here.

  27. They don't cut it out from what I've heard but it definitely takes a hell of a lot longer to go back to normal if you don't work it out immediately and keep it up. We had dudes fucked up for a few days because they either couldn't be bothered to put up with the discomfort of massaging it or were uncomfortable with fondling their own butt cheek in front of other dudes.

  28. Myself and a few others took pleasure in massaging our own respective asses openly in front of the guys who were clearly uncomfortable with the idea of touching their own ass in a room full of dudes in their underwear. Good times back then.

  29. Tanya isn't fucking around; send two full division of mages after her and she wouldn't just be able to escape, she would win (with the help of her battalion).

  30. I'd venture that short of a full battalion, Tanya can solo it unless there's a Mary Sue involved. Get Tanya and her company commanders, a full battalion will lose to them.

  31. Hell, look at her very first battle in Norden, this was before she got the Type-95, and she mauled Anselm Sioux's squad. All to come up with a legitimate reason to withdraw from the battlefield. The Silver Wings Assault Badge was something she did not expect.

  32. After the Type-95 though? Def can solo anything short of a dedicated battalion. Unless they have a Being-X boosted combatant, coming across Tanya is a very bad idea.

  33. I think it's one of the main reasons why helmets are 100% required to ride a bike in CA. Here in MN you don't need to. But you also can't lane split.

  34. Helmets have been required for far longer then it's been legal to lane split. It blows my mind that there are places you don't need a helmet though.

  35. It's never been illegal to lane split in CA, so helmet laws came first.

  36. Will they finally also get around to optimizing the file sizes?

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