1. Oh man.. I heard that the original WW cut from FL that everyone loves got destroyed when the growers got busted over there. I was told that one of the growers moved to Cali & was able to salvage the Ghost OG that is in Klutch ‘s lineup now. Idk how true that is, but that’s what I was told. That WW out of FL was top 3 in my entire life!! I can’t wait to try this one though!

  2. I've only considered myself to have had a truly authentic WW once in my entire life. Have had a lot of crosses with a strong Widow influence, but only once do I believe that I've had the real deal.

  3. It’s unlikely, but certainly possible! Fingers crossed for this one. 😋

  4. Where is the “dog shit” hash in this program!?!? Seriously though….WTH

  5. I’d stay away from tinctures if you can. Tolerance skyrockets with minimal effects. Get some cheap flower or shake and make your own.

  6. I had this recently and that little spoon was so useless hahaha

  7. It’s a cute lil bowl stirrer. A fancy toothpick if you will…

  8. gonna put it on a chain around my neck 😁

  9. Lol that’s a good place for it.

  10. This one is similar to WWs Grapehead and is usually a cheaper alternative.

  11. Spent way to much on carts/flower that I don’t like or doesn’t agree w/ me. Wish there were a med swap between patients!

  12. Just use what you don’t like for treats 😋

  13. With this strain you’ll never have to question whether the next harvest will be just as good as the last. It is always refreshing and it almost always seems to improve if that’s even possible. If you can’t tell, huge fan. Shits fire.

  14. I agree. It is such a light and happy strain. Sometimes you want something that isn’t too heavy & this one always puts a smile on my face.

  15. $350 for an ounce on the black market means someone was robbing you.

  16. It has been $400 an oz for the best buds for a long time. No deals… They’ve had to reduce prices to compete with the legal market.

  17. That's a crazy price somebody was taxing the hell out of people! That's $6400 a lb that's $5650 to much! You were paying $400 oz are you being serious?

  18. Prob about a 50% markup or so I would guess 🫣 I could always get shit weed cheaply, but have always had to pay for the good stuff. It’s cheaper to buy hard drugs than pot these days…. What a shame.

  19. What I have a problem with is that there is a huge bait and switch going on and an attempt to manipulate supply and demand. The dispensaries will take the product off the menu like they’re sold out but they’re not. I’ve seen them shuffle in the old stuff with the new in an attempt to get rid of it and act like it’s a new drop. Shady business practices…

  20. Hooray for more competition and lower prices. After all this program isn’t meant to be a retail market. Either pass this or pass rec or pass both IMO.

  21. Galenas is a great company with good products and they also support home grow and legalization

  22. Their pricing is bad too, sometimes even worse.

  23. I was there. It was pretty great until the fires started. There was a big problem with people not bringing supplies and running out of water and running out of $ to buy the water that was available at the festival.

  24. Jeez man, that’s just wasteful… why on earth would you bust it open like that? I buy their pods on sale mostly due to the 1/2 grams and pricing, but I haven’t had any problem with their pods. Their rosin pods are delicious, just pricey. I just picked a few up the other day. I usually stick to GO, Klutch or RC for my podding pleasure.

  25. I would be surprised if there was much going on other than holding product for people or themselves. It’s a dick move, but oh well.

  26. You could always make suppositories as well. The liver cancer will alter the way the edibles aré metabolized in your body and suppositories are a work around for this issue.

  27. Blue cheese for chemo side effects. It takes away the nausea and stimulates appetite.

  28. Nobody bought it when it was around.

  29. Silly! That cat piss smell isn’t mold! That’s some Cheetah Piss!! You ever get that brick weed that tasted like laundry detergent??

  30. Haha..never keep your stash in the tide 📦🤣

  31. CrescendO was a bit of a let down for me but if anyone likes chill sativas they'd love it.

  32. WildCat is better. The Galenas version wasn’t bad, but it gave me a panic attack…

  33. Blackjack, Catfish, SLH, Schroluman, O43, Super sour Orange, or OH-47.

  34. There isn’t much info out there on the Hubbard and Struthers locations.

  35. Edibles are the best at relieving pain. It depends what you need to accomplish. A nighttime treat will be a different product than for daytime relief, etc.

  36. Grow Ohio has a nitrogen packaging process that will keep the flower fresh for a long time when unopened. However, once opened you will be better off if you put the flower in a jar. The inner seal on their packages are awesome, but once that is removed the outer lid isn’t quite airtight.

  37. I agree. GO has the best packaging for immediate use after opening and then it’s up to you to store it properly. Their packaging is like opening a can of fresh tennis balls🎾

  38. Maybe I’m a pot snob, but I’m not paying those prices for hay..even if the effects are good. That’s why they don’t want ppl smelling before buying because the hay wouldn’t sell.

  39. Without having to worry about the legality of transporting should be able to smell those delivery trucks from down the street!

  40. They’ve made a complete turnaround from their previous mold issues & manages to breakup without turning to dust. Kudos to BR.

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