1. I had this the other week.. I think the smell is incredible, but I love that Cheisel smell and I think Robots smells like Cheisel. Wasn't too impressed with the effects though.. I thought it was a little weak, but yours looks better than mine did.

  2. I love chiesel! Pure Ohio stopped growing it 🫤. It was the best cheaper option around!

  3. Try Grapehead, Chocolope, Catfish or Motorbreath. These are all great sativas without the anxiety.

  4. I dont get that taste at all. Even for being 9-10mts old. Co2, cdt. I know its not the best oh has by any means , but its far from the worst cart I've had. Better than most MI deal carts imo.

  5. I wish I liked them. The price is right, that’s for sure! I wish I could gift you the rest of my hikers blend & papaya punch carts! I’m almost ready to make a misfit batch of goodies with the stuff I don’t like…lol

  6. As long as it's not Botanical terpenes or butane extracted . That shit tears my throat up and gives me no effects so that's the first thing I look for. I do prefer a strain specific full spectrum oil though . The grow Ohio 510 carts are probably my favorite. Just been trying to explore a bitwith other carts. The diamond science one I had was ok, but had D8 so ....

  7. I have an issue with harshness as well. GO and RC’s oil is less harsh than Klutch for me for some reason. Klutch just has the most sales, so I end up with those a lot for the 30% off sales.

  8. Most of their strains are pretty good. They have a few that are really great. I’d like to see more bulk options & a sale every once in awhile though.

  9. I’m feeling claustrophobic just looking at this!

  10. Decent..not great. Okay for the price. Also the razz tastes like crap.

  11. CBN helps take the edge off of the pain. If you take the 5mg ones it has just enough thc to activate the CBN and it won’t be intoxicating so you can function during the day. Cake,cookies and grape 🍇 🥧, Doughlato crosses seem to help as well. Good luck!

  12. It depends on what you plan to do with it. 🍪

  13. Effects? Why do you like it better than GC?

  14. I nice cup of tea with a giant teaspoon of Buckeye Relief Honey.

  15. So far I’ve had a BE apple lozenge and a few drags of a RC Garlic Cookies pod and am feeling a bit better. I have the 🍯 on standby for bedtime though!

  16. I’ve emailed them before about the measurements of their t-shirts for sale and I never heard back.

  17. I get serious throat burn sometimes..even from companies that don’t use pesticides.

  18. That’s insane. I’m able to pick up $20 to $25 10ths if I’m not picky at what I buy. I’d never pay that much for so little.

  19. I’m hoping it’s a misprint cuz that’s highway robbery otherwise.

  20. Thinking someone fat fingered the $45. This is an amazing strain with great effects but definitely not for that price. No flower worth that much for a tenth.

  21. I had 3 WW jars in my car on the way back from the dispensary & my car absolutely reeked! I want all my medical to smell like that!! J/s

  22. True I feel as if I buy a half to oz I grow tired of the effects before I finish it, or it doesn't hit the same as when I first got it, have to alternate strains

  23. Totally possible. Use the rest to make treats! 🍪

  24. Wildcat by RC..One of the best in the program.

  25. I wish we had more options like this. I had white widow about 20 years ago down in FL and til this day it’s still in the top 10 I’ve ever smoked in my life!

  26. I stopped up there as well and was torn between TCC or Triple Crown. I went with the Triple Crown this time. No complaints! But TCC is next on my list👌🏽

  27. How was the triple crown? I’ve had the pod version & it was def bedtime indica status.

  28. That can be a subject of its own =Strains that the high only last maybe half hour etc...

  29. I feel that way about lemon slushie. It just doesn’t last long enough.

  30. I've never really gotten a strong sativa vibe from catfish u can def use it during the day but it helps with anxiety and can be used as an evening strain too

  31. I agree it definitely has what ppl call hybrid effects.

  32. Triangle mints. I haven’t tried the Mimosa.

  33. Thanks for the recommendations. I've had both of those strain in flower and I agree that they're awesome. But this concert is out of state and I'm only travelling with my luster and edibles. Looking for recs for a good luster pod strain for the trip and the show.

  34. Catfish or Motorbreath by Klutch or something like Chocolope from RC. I have a few other suggestions, but they don’t have those strains in carts or pods yet. These are all very good & low key. Perfect for a concert. You don’t wanna be tweaking out or asleep! Lol

  35. It’s good for daytime and evenings & is a good social strain.

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