1. You just sync all folders locally, then you'll have an exact copy of your system. Then uninstall Tresorit so there are no weird conflicts and upload to your new app.

  2. If the Muskphone works well with GrapheneOS, I'll move over from my Pixel 7.

  3. I think version 25 is Hub 3. I have v25 installed and noticed Photos 2.0 is live on it, which is a Hub 3 product. Also,

  4. Thanks. I'll have to look more into that. My main reason for wanting to try 3 (25) is I'm hoping the end to end encryption works better, as they mentioned significant updates. I'll check out some other threads to see how that's going.

  5. Just be careful with that, because encryption is a one-way street.

  6. Yep fair point. I actually just tried it out and found that the end to end encryption syncing with desktop devices isn't supported on the Android app anyway, so there ended my adventure with Nextcloud unfortunately.

  7. I think it is worth noting that even if you get 10 Pantone books all at the same time, brand new, the differences between them, particularly with pastel colours, will still be notable. I won't say they are worthless, but they are not by any means accurate.

  8. I've selected a folder and a file to be available offline but there's no way to open the file directly, modify it and have it sync. You can download the file, open it, make your edits and then upload it again but that's not syncing, I might as well have used the website for that rather than the app.

  9. It's frustrating, as they still have "Automatic sync" listed as a feature on the website, but there are no apps that actually sync yet. I'm sure they will eventually, as right down Protondrive is really just a manual file dump, not really a file sync tool like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

  10. Where I lived during the early months of COVID, mandatory QR codes were introduced to shops and you were required to check in at every location you visited for contact tracing. In addition you'd need to self isolate until you could get a PCR test done if you were found at a place where a case was detected. PCR tests took 1-2 weeks at the time because they were so busy, which meant total isolation that entire time, tracked with phone calls and having to send in selfies.

  11. I was pretty pissed lately on my Android. I downloaded a playlist for my flight, get onboard and go to play, only to get an error about my tracks being expired and needing to login.

  12. wtf, I've been with Tidal for at least two years now and had no idea until right now that even existed.

  13. It was pretty shitty, track formatting is meh (in remix albums every track has the same name and artist), wasn't really competitive pricing and just single download (so if it fails for whatever reason you are f*'d).

  14. Sometimes I really don't know if I'm gullible, or if my faith in humanity is just so low that nothing could seem unbelievable to me. I genuinely have no idea if this is a troll post or not.

  15. Some dude needs to order like 200, and then post a meme "Look at me, I am the warehouse now," and resell them.

  16. I would think in practice, the likelyhood of an Earth religion spreading to other planets and species would depend almost entirely on the skill of the religion's public relations team.

  17. Interesting take. Do you think the same approach could work on the Minbari and Centauri?

  18. I think that would be a lot more difficult. But I guess a good comparison would be how Christianity took over from the religions of Ancient Rome.

  19. Wow! Yep I actually remember a time myself when the diagnostic fixed something. Was on Small Business Server 2011, a good 10+ years ago. It was actually an SBS specific bug, I forget exactly what, but when you changed a specific network setting it broke networking, and the diagnostic tool was the MS recommended solution to fix it every time you had to make the change. I think it was something really simple too, like changing the IP address.

  20. WITHOUT being brutal? You've failed before you started lol.

  21. If a couple of influential tech media groups, like LTT and Gamers' Nexus joined together, they could probably create their own naming convention that literally every consumer would start using, and only the manufacturers would keep using the stupid names.

  22. Is it illegal tax evasion, or a questionable, but still legal tax avoidance method? If it's the latter, where do I find out more lol?!

  23. Because they're wanting to go forward to optical biometrics... Seriously, I don't understand why I see folks asking the obvious.

  24. How does an underscreen sensor help move toward optical biometrics?

  25. yeahh.. it's so artificially difficult.

  26. What he seemed to be saying is that a lot of things are made harder than they need to be and there are artificial barriers put in place to make things more difficult than necessary.

  27. I think it's a really hard thing to test given how subjective it is.

  28. FYI that device only supports MQA decoding via USB. So whatever you get, it will need to be able to output MQA to USB.

  29. I went and bought a USB cable and ran it from smart TV to dac but have no sound

  30. Very few devices support USB audio out. You can test it on your computer to make sure it's all working. But I can't even think of a device to recommend that would be reasonably priced with a USB MQA output, as any device I think of is also a DAC and so you wouldn't need yours.

  31. I have no earthly clue why everyone's been freaking out about this. All this update does is that it removes a little convenience. Sure it's annoying, but they're acting as if Signal removed encryption rather than SMS. And yes, it doesn't really matter which one they're using because it's all insecure, especially in the context where Signal is a option, which it is.

  32. For a lot of us, the problem is that we got people to use Signal, by simply giving it to them when configuring their phones and explaining that it's a better texting app, and showing them how to tell if they are sending a secure message or not. In most cases they may only have a couple of people they know on Signal, but at least they are still using it and can use secure messaging on occasion.

  33. The short answer is no. Stock Android is just straight up Google spyware. Graphene OS is usually updated in a matter of weeks, so it shouldn't be too long a wait. I'm planning on upgrading as well, but waiting a few weeks to see if there are any major problems with the 7 series.

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