1. Tiffinant is a good vegetarian food delivery service. They have a weekly menu. They do not work on Sunday. I've used them and found the food wholesome and nutritious. They are hassle free. Food is delivered on time. Contact them at 7892110473

  2. Perfect! Didn’t even know this existed. Thank you so much for the details and number

  3. My pleasure. Hope everything's getting better for you.

  4. Narendra kamath- cutis clinic pvs

  5. San Marketing in Ideal Cafe building hampankatta. They have been efficiently managing my laptop for a long time now.

  6. I go to San Marketing. They are in the Ideal Cafe building. Exactly opposite the Sharavu Ganapati temple gate. They are good and quick. They are efficient with all brands of computers and laptops

  7. There are a few courses of your area of interest on Payment only if you want a certificate. Otherwise you can take the lectures for free and also do the assignments on your own. I've taken a few of these courses and found them helpful. Course materials are good on this platform. They have a number of courses from top universities of the world.

  8. I've used chitki for a long time now and have had no issues. They have replaced stuff immediately when I wasn't satisfied with the quality of the fruit sent. I faced the bad quality of fruit only once in my long association with them. I am a vegetarian, hence cannot say anything about their non-vegetarian products. Their customer service is good and prompt. They also recycle the boxes they use to box fruits. All you have to do is collect the boxes and give it to their delivery person. I don't use their app. I order from their website and I am quite satisfied with their service and quality of vegetables.

  9. This is so helpful. Thank you so much for the detailed guidance. I will try chitki too, and good to know that ordering from the website website good. I used to go and buy producd myself because of fear of getting rotten delivery. It's nice to hear about their customer service.

  10. There are two reasons for this. Mangalore people, esp the private bus operators and can show their superb driving skills . The second reason is that when people are stuck in traffic jams they have a genuine reason for arriving late and also sitting in the jam they can meet and greet a lot of new people while also letting off a lot of steam by honking continuously.🤪

  11. Lmao dude. Well these reasons will still be more logical than the possible reasons the government will tell us

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