1. It's not an allusion, it's clearly referring to Kyle Rittenhouse. What's wrong with that?

  2. TIL the only reason the black panther party brought rifles to their protests was to “intentionally” intimidate white people, making it justified for the white racists to attack them. Right?

  3. Guns promote more violence. It's well established that people who own guns are far more likely to die violently than those who don't.

  4. Well, I don't have trans-European numbers, but if I use that modeling site ( across all of Canada to try to synthesize baseload from solar/wind/batteries/hydrogen (and in the process implicitly assuming zero cost transmission) then it still pays off handsomely to have hydrogen, just as it would in (say) Germany.

  5. Technically if you ran global transmission lines you can fix the intermittency issues; solar in Chile connected to the US grid would be anti-phase seasonally, for instance.

  6. The latter point you mention here can be addressed by looking at weather data. It turns out that just using overprovisioning and short term storage is likely to be more expensive (perhaps much more expensive) than including some hydrogen.

  7. I'm a bit confused by that link really. Particularly how it seems to entirely ignore hydroelectricity, including in countries that are dominantly already powered by hydro (like Canada or Norway). If I plug in Norway for instance, it wants to include 9 GW / 5 TWh of hydrogen storage, whereas the country already effectively has 80 TWh of storage in it's hydro reservoirs.

  8. So your future husband and future in-laws are belittling your families upbringing, putting themselves off as superior to you (presumably because of having more money), insisting you pay for a fancy venue while not contributing anything themselves, and laughing about the death of your father.

  9. Card game or otherwise, your possessions are your possessions and you have the complete right to control where they are at any time. Allowing your friend permission to borrow it to use for a night doesn't give them permission to lock it away where you can't access it.

  10. This is so misguided. A substantial commitment to new nuclear today provides a substantial solution in 10 years. Did you hear Jeff Currie’s latest comments about how dramatic green energy investments have only yielded a 1% reduction in FF consumption over the last decade? Absolutely pathetic. Saying no to new nuclear is tantamount to overwhelming support for NG and coal.

  11. I'm just so very very happy that the world as a whole runs in such a way that it follows the most economical paths, and you nuclear fanboys are going to get a swift boot in the arse as your pet project fails miserably over the next couple decades.

  12. You say this as Europe is in the midst of a generational energy crisis, triggered by nuclear shutdowns and incorrect assumptions about the robustness of renewable grids. You cannot have a green economy without a green grid, and that grid does not exist at present. Building it will take a substantial amount of reliable and cheap energy, which wind and solar are not presently equipped to provide.

  13. And you're here pretending that pushing nuclear projects that won't be online for another 10-20 years will somehow help this immediate crisis?

  14. YTA for trying to control the behavior of another adult, and implying they are doing something wrong by not adhering to your particularly interpretation of a religion they clearly do not accept.

  15. Most of them feel fine on this side of the wall. Let's not demonize every Russian.

  16. Pretty sure the intent was just to be demonizing those people actively running fundraisers to buy military equipment for the Russian military.

  17. But I still think Romania should go with the NuScale project, so that we make learnings glorious, and that there should be ONE SINGLE wordwide reactor adapter standard, so that different reactors can be used... if you fail to do that, it's game over for every SMR producer.

  18. Seems that the process will require pumping oxygen into the oil Wells to facilitate the conversion to H2. That sounds like an explosion waiting to happen. (Also the need for CCS as mentioned by another user)

  19. Wikipedia says China has 17GW under construction. That's hardly going to be a massive swing in the proportion of new energy. Even if those reactors all came online in one year, they would be well under a third of new generation that year by capacity factor. You don't understand the absolutely massive scale renewables are being built at.

  20. There are 246 GW of new nuclear in the pipeline in China, vs. 700 GW of renewables. If those both pan out, they each will produce about equal amounts of new energy per year (2000 TWh), and since coal will be phased down, the proportion of nuclear power would actually be increasing.

  21. See this would all be a more logical position if they hadn't immediately introduced legislation to ban abortion federally, after arguing that they need to overturn Roe v Wade because abortion should be left up to the states.

  22. I’m no legal expert or anything, but I’m relatively sure that you can’t sue a sitting president for a presidential action. From “In an opinion written by Justice John Paul Stevens, it recognized that while a president must be shielded from liability for actions taken in office, so he can ‘perform designated functions effectively without fear,’ that protection and immunity from civil suits in federal court does not extend to matters unrelated to the presidency.”

  23. You could sue the executive branch to prevent implementation of an unconstitutional order though, presumably? Provided appropriate standing to launch the lawsuit etc.

  24. And hold a referendum among the employees on who should be the new CEO.

  25. I'd rather he be thrown in jail for stealing billions of dollars with stock price manipulation of Tesla, but sure.

  26. Its unlikely but not in "miracle" territory yet. We might even gain seats in the Senate. If the Dems manage to gain the Senate even if they lose the house I would consider that a win given midterms would normally be terrible for a party with a trifecta.

  27. Yeah, I think the most likely scenario is a split Congress. But that means nothing really gets done for 2 years.

  28. I think if we pull through the midterms ok, Biden may prove more consequential than even Obama. The navigation around obstruction he displayed this year displays the value of his many years of service in the government. Let’s hope for the best. The polls are currently leaning against us Democrats, but the opposing Party does less than nothing for America; their brand is graft, corruption, hate, and oppressing the masses.

  29. That speed limits are intentionally set lower than the actual safe speed limit of a particular road because they know people speed and want to prevent them from going over the actual safe limit

  30. What do you even define as the "actual safe limit" though. Accident risk and chance of serious injury in an accident just carry on going up as you increase speed. So lower is better, for safety.

  31. The trendline has been breaking for Dems. They have about a 30% chance to win it right now. Good GOTV and maybe a few GOP defections because of Roe... I actually think it's close to 50-50.

  32. Out of curiosity, could the news organization actually just sue HIM for defamation for these kind of remarks painting them as liars? If they have clear evidence he actually did what they claim, feels like it would be open and shut. And clearly having high profile politicians claiming they are untrustworthy is damaging to their reputation.

  33. Fortunately, the people generally making these decisions follow the economic path, and don't go nuclear.

  34. I feel like winter would be worse for russia than for Ukraine. They struggled last winter with better equipment.

  35. The point isn't necessarily being worse/better tactically for one side, it's just that the weather will slow any sort of advances by either side. Hence it's good for the side who wants to stall to buy time to train conscripts.

  36. Mathematically, this is like not buying a coffee because you’re hoping to pay your mortgage. Maybe you’ll make one more month’s payment, but this is no solution.

  37. Exactly. Ukraine's army in 2014 if anything was pro-Russia. They had to do a lot of work to weed out the Putin puppets and corruption.

  38. Isn't this still why Kherson fell in the first place? They missed somebody, and the general in charge of the initial defense of Kherson left it fairly wide open intentionally as they were pro-russia?

  39. Still very odd to see "King Charles" written that like.

  40. I'm still calling him 'The person formerly known as the Prince of Wales'.

  41. Well 65% of Russia's population is 16 to 65 years old, so that's 92,950,000, so 700,000 is less than one percent.

  42. Relevant population to look at is probably mostly the age 20 - 40 men, which is around 14 million. 700,000 left in the past couple weeks, 200,000 left in the months before that since war started, 50K dead, 100K wounded, 300K mobilized and likely to be killed or wounded by the time the war is over.

  43. Plus a good chunk of the smart ones/skilled/educated ones have left in a brain drain or has been recruited to fight.

  44. Seems like it could end up being 10-20% of the male population between ages 20 and 40, by the time the dust settles. Pretty big hit.

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