1. Pointy eared leaf lover is a state of mind, not a state of being.

  2. As a guy who’s used Dawn dish soap to wash my hair… yeah.

  3. Quality over quantity, and these are very well done. I’d get either a Guntank (to round out the trio) or a Char’s Zaku (for dueling poses)

  4. The Battletech universe's Black Watch and Northwind Highlanders IRL

  5. Exactly. What happened to the guy who nearly killed Tracer, Genji and Winston single-handedly?

  6. HELL YES! I guess MH6 is taking a while longer than expected, but I’m more than willing to wait.

  7. That’s fuckin metal. Did you come up with that or is that from something?

  8. Most elves are, except for the ones that have a dwarven influence upon them

  9. The GM for the campaign I’m currently in has an elf NPC called Illandar (aka The Beardless Twat.) Basically he ran away when he was really young, got adopted by Dwarves, proved he could Rock and Stone with the best of ‘em, was key in fighting off a Drow incursion, and his brothers made him a beard from the hair of the Drow he killed.

  10. Huh, fancy seeing you here. You’re definitely right on this one.

  11. I’ve always loved this trope. The Fastball Special maneuver never gets old.

  12. That durian-shaped bastard stole my fuckin kill. I shall grind for vengeance.

  13. Listen, Zeon gassed a space colony, then used said colony to wipe out half the Earth’s population.

  14. Me when I wanna do a death from above on a low flying monster:

  15. If you use one of the heavier weapons it becomes a Highlander Burial.

  16. We talkin lore accurate or game accurate? Cause if it’s game accurate, they’re getting killed by anything bigger than an Ursa. If it’s lore accurate, Salem is dead within the week.

  17. Darktide's Bolter feels like holding a rapid-fire naval cannon in your hands

  18. And keep in mind, that’s not even a Space Marine bolter. That’s a bolter designed for regular-ass humans.

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