1. No problem at all, friend. Out of all the quirks and features Zeagle puts on their BCs, I’d have to say that’s actually the most, or only useful one.

  2. What don't you like? I love it. It's light, lots of steel D rings. Pockets are kinda small and the ripcord is a cunt to thread, but I don't plan on doing that very often.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great BC, but I regret buying it instead of going straight to BP/W, I might head that way sometime this year. The ripcord system? I mean, it honestly feels like a solution to a problem that really doesn’t exist, I only pulled it once to test it out and yes, rethreading it is somewhat “unpleasant”. It’s also somewhat awkward to put the weight pouches in, so I just ask my buddy for help, but still. Overall, that system is in my opinion, a kinda unnecessary gimmick where the pull away handles of other integrated weight systems would’ve done the job perfectly. As I said, other than that, it’s great, and feels bulletproof. I have a good amount of dives on mine and the material is still black, no discoloration or wear whatsoever.

  4. Only done 15 or so in mine, but it feels very rugged. An upside to the ripcord is that the pull away systems of others start to shit the bed eventually, like the buckles failing and whatnot. Anyway, I like the stiletto 😝

  5. Everyone should pay the same price for tickets. No decent country does this bullshit where prices differ based on nationality of the guest.

  6. A lot of other countries do this. I am a foreigner who works here, I do t mind. I think locals should get to see their treasures at the cheapest price as possible. On the other hand, tourism is your biggest industry, the country needs those ticket prices.

  7. You’re assuming that all Canadians have access to multiple grocery stores. The one you may want to boycott may not be feasible because there’s no other option for that town.

  8. Also, not everyone has a car in the city and are limited to the places they can afford to get to and shop at.

  9. Have you ever seen pictures of food prices in remote areas in the north? Think $30+ for jug of orange juice. You need to pay people a lot of money to work up there for any job, otherwise nobody would.

  10. Ok so first of all, there absolutely can be elements that science doesn't know about yet. We only know of things that we've found and identified so far. To say anything otherwise is extremely unscientific really. There's been new elements found in the last 20 years. That's fact. Now onto my thoughts on the matter.

  11. Well, I haven't read it, but you sound like an insufferable know-it-all, that's for sure. "A stroke of genius?" Honestly?

  12. Lmao fr. I really feel like this is satire and we've all just missed the reference.

  13. Tell me what is stupid about it, or the seven other people recommending flying abroad for dental work.

  14. Egypt as a suggestion is not the greatest for a few reasons, and flying trans continental isn't necessary.

  15. You sound like a little boy, "stupid stupid stupid", talking about two countries you have never been to.

  16. If anything, this kind of note probably creates more fear/uncertainties for retail traders - exterior motiives or not, that wouldn't work well for institution neither, would it?

  17. Sure it would. Fear causes people to sell, institutions gobble it up when there is no crash coming. No idea what will happen, just a hypothetical.

  18. The tank provides you with air at the ambient pressure - the pressure of the ocean at the depth you are currently at. The pressure inside your lungs always matches the pressure outside - otherwise your lungs (or your ribcage) would collapse or blow up. Therefore the equipment in the tank is designed in such a way as to provide air at matching pressure as well, otherwise it would again either blow up your lungs or suck air out of them.

  19. To continue, so when you are under water and under pressure you are breathing compressed air, which means the little bubbles of nitrogen are compressed. When you ascend and the pressure decreases, the nitrogen bubbles expand. You need to ascend slowly enough to let the nitrogen gas off. Go up too quickly, and you have large nitrogen bubbles moving around and causing havoc in your tissues- the DCS.

  20. My second round with PF lasted about 8 months with daily care. I am not sure about zero drop shoes, my doctor recommended shoes with extra heel support even in the house. Your best bet would be getting prescription insoles for your hiking shoes I think.

  21. Cat's Cradle might be too challenging for a lot of people as a first book. Assigned it to a grade 11 class and it wasn't well received.

  22. Hmm interesting. I read Slaughterhouse Five as a freshman in high school and liked it but wasn’t as blown away as I was with other required reading like Red Badge of Courage or Brave New World. I ended up reading Player Piano and Cats Cradle during the summer before sophomore year and fell in love with him and cleared most of his published biblio by the end of sophomore year just as Timequake was published (I’m old). I don’t recall having any issues with it but I was a weird kid and a strong reader.

  23. Haven't read Player Piano, but I just finished a book so maybe that's next, cheers!

  24. My MIL is similar. She uses side A, B, C, D and put it in her purse 👜. She was born during the world war 2 era and had limited resources. She’s not well off, but still..

  25. No. Good news = market goes up. Meaning recession fears are eased, meaning earnings will not be as damaging to stocks as initially thought. This year is all about earrings, the bar is set so low that so long as companies preform at or even slightly above estimates Wall Street will make the market soar. Investors are concerned mostly about earnings compression. Any news that indicates the contrary will result in markets going up.

  26. When you have lost the ability to have an opinion for overused quotes on reddit.

  27. Yep, this is pretty basic. The camera person barely looks up to the sky. Rooftop or from the ground?

  28. The cashier probably messed up. I'd pay attention to shelf labels instead of waiting to pay attention at the till.

  29. Pay attention everywhere. I went back and looked. Overnight, it went from price per head, to price per kg.

  30. Driving me absolutely nuts what vsntage point was this taken from. Clearly the regent mall dollarama and the prospect sobeys in the foreground but there's no high up vantage point there??

  31. Does she have any idea which books in the collection are valuable, and where they might be?

  32. Based on what little OP has told us I’m gonna go ahead and answer: no

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