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  1. Question: are the ships in the light, heavy, special construction permanent additions or is there a chance of them being removed at next update? I want Bismarck, Allen m, and gaff but I want to save my cubes for next event run.

  2. Yes they are permanent but sometimes some ships get moved to other ship acquire methods (eg core shop, merit shop and so on)

  3. Very cool thank ya new to the game and have a ton of shipgirls to manage already but I need Allen m and graf thankfully I can wait now!

  4. If the host afks for like 30 sec or is taking to long I’ll just throw myself in some fire

  5. It was good. I just didn't hear a lot of hype about it at all. They didn't complete the Kharkanas trilogy because I guess it wasn't selling.

  6. He has said that post book2 post trilogy he’s gonna finish kar with it possibly being two books due to the content we can hope

  7. Looks so good I am praying there are character codes again I absolutely love my nioh main that someone worse painstakingly designed

  8. I thought the twilight pov of the edur invasion was really interesting to read and of course the crimson guard showing up was just awesome after hearing whispers.

  9. I hate the sound effects on deflect... that sound has already become grating.

  10. Ooo this is not a good sign I’ma have to hear this I’m weird about this kinda thing. Straight won’t play MHrise cause the guns sound like toys

  11. Kallor was a combination of guilty and proud. He did nothing but take credit for things he didn't do because he is stubborn. The Errant and Sechul are the reason why Kaminsod was brought down. See you next book...

  12. They scoot off to see this "High King" guy at the end of FoL after making a mess of things

  13. Shoot that’s awesome I’m like a third through forge so I get to see my boy soon I loved kallor in the main ten. Ps karkanas hitting so good

  14. So far I’m disappointed with the lack of gore dismemberment compared to Nioh, also it sucks that invasions are a thing. I guess too many DS fans asked for it. Hopefully that’s optional and they allow us to just play the game with our friends without having to deal with invasions and the laughable PvP that is attached to that experience. Nioh 2’s co-op is personally the best I’ve had with a RPG, not having to deal with PvP and invasions are some of the biggest reasons why I’ll always appreciate that game’s online co-op.

  15. That’s a yikes I’m not really about invasions here but I can always offline like I did when I was a kid

  16. I haven't played DMC 5 yet. I've played all the previous games. I think your comment has hooked me. How many hours is a play through?

  17. 20 chapters so maybe 10-15 hours for a single play though these are ment to be played multiple times though getting better scores and flashier combos while the difficulty spikes. Check some

  18. One small thing to note is that if you have played past installments and found it difficult dmc 5 had widened the window to do jc by a large margin used to be like a 1-2 frame window in each move. So you can do badass shit without plinking all over the place

  19. This is pretty dope I just started like a dragon two days ago and loving every bit of this game

  20. The odds of our current high school population in the states, starting collage and entering the work force Into an economy as bad or worse then the gfc of 08 buckle up and study somthing useful.

  21. Wow that a list! I wish I had it when I started lol. I'm not done with the game so I might peruse a few of them. I still kinda struggle with the cores management/combination but I got the rest of the game down.

  22. That particular playlist is absolutely fantastic he does a fresh playthrough and teaches based on what’s available and what’s been tought already so you won’t see him doing werid tech until it’s been explained.

  23. The watch, I still find myself thinking him from time to time can’t wait for the reread

  24. All this talk of the Elf hair being wrong and terrible make me just wish they would have given elron a fade or some waves make the boy fresh.

  25. Stupid low I don’t think there are actual data mind loot table percentages out there

  26. Carefully optimistic. They’re taking out some of the key aspects of Nioh like ki management and loot, just hope they put other things in to make up for it.

  27. This lack of loot is a major let down we’ll see what they come up with. Progression systems are fun and add a ton to replay ability outside of tight combat.

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