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  1. I also don't get how some "demographics" didn't adopt mask wearing as a counter surveillance/facial recognition measure... The one time you have a legitimate excuse to partially conceal your face and give a two fingered salute to Government. I often wondered if more progressive thinkers adopted misinformation strategies but for good causes, could it incite the behavioural change we see from bad faith misinformation.

  2. I'm actually glad they haven't, because if they did, masks would be outlawed very fast here in France given the current social climate. At least I can still protect myself somewhat, with all the caveats on one-way masking with ill-fitting FFP2s. :-/

  3. I have Peacemaker #838 but I'm very reluctant to part with it, I'm not sure there's a price we would both be happy with.

  4. You bet I'd be happy! Just imagine how much there would be to learn by discovering how a species born on a different planet works! And that it would bring humanity down from its imaginary pedestal would be the cherry on the cake.

  5. Unfortunately, with the randomised lobby names, you can't know which lobbies are modded without joining them. I've had some luck finding TownOfHost lobbies on Polus with 2 impostors (on European servers), but how many modded lobbies I find is very variable from gaming session to gaming session.

  6. tbh i play on my phone (iOS) i didn’t know you could choose levels! i just open the game and look for public games and there are never any there

  7. Make sure your game is up-to-date, the current version should be 2023.2.28 followed by the letter associated with your platform. Old versions of the game won't be compatible with the current versions, and would only be able to play with other people using an obsolete version from the same time too.

  8. I think I’m actually addicted to playing AmongUs. Lmao. I just love connecting with people on there and I especially love the new roles they’ve added! I’m 27 so I think I should prob give it up soon.

  9. If it makes you feel better, I turned 49 a few days ago and I love playing Among Us. Keeps my brain stimulated and sharp! :-)

  10. Probably because they aren't actually very strong and can't fight back if two or more crewmates hold them.

  11. Yes! Impostors kill, but so do crewmates, and those deaths tend to be even more cruel (especially on Polus, being thrown into lava is horrific).

  12. Thank you for this and happy 17th March! 🍀

  13. I'm not sure I'd play with these options on, but they seem interesting to add and experiment with. I second your request to add them.:-)

  14. People are already sacrificed, except the filter is their ability to earn enough money to survive (which includes things like being born in the right place and the right social class). So basically the choice wouldn't be sacrificing a fraction of people for the rest of humanity to evolve or sacrificing nobody, it would be sacrificing a fraction of people for the rest of humanity to evolve or continuing to sacrifice a fraction of people so the rest of humanity can preserve its comfortable and destructive lifestyle. I'd personally choose the option which gives the survivors a chance to never have to make the same choice ever again.

  15. I mean this post is very ambitious. OP is talking about multiple civilizations collaborating to a point of a ‘Galactic Federation.’ So in having such a discussion we are not talking about anything within our current technological timeline. If we are going to have this discussion we would need everything I have said above. This isn’t an argument if it’s conceivable, but more a discussion on what such a universe would have to look like to make it even remotely possible.

  16. OP referenced endless exponential growth, and all I'm saying is it doesn't happen: what looks like exponential growth stalls sooner or later when it reaches the limits of a necessarily finite occupied zone. To make it even remotely possible, a universe would have to have different laws of physics from what we've been able to assess.

  17. “OP referenced endless exponential growth, and all I’m saying is it doesn’t happen: what looks like exponential growth stalls sooner or later when it reaches the limits of a necessarily finite occupied zone.”

  18. I suggest you learn maths, and also you look into the Club of Rome's works. The main results were published in the 70s under the title Limits to Growth and were verified a few years ago. TLDR: it's not an exponential, it's more or less a bell curve, and we're about to see the other side ot if.

  19. MANY congrats!!! If you are in Oregon, let me know and if near me I will drive you some baby plants for your garden come May.

  20. Thank you! I'm an ocean away unfortunately, in France. I wish I could meet with other COVID-conscious people!

  21. Well, I don't think I can drive that far! sorry... But you will grow a lovely little garden I am sure.

  22. I'll be living in Burgundy too! The region is beautiful. But yeah, COVID denial is strong in France. :-( Which isn't surprising really. In February-early March 2020, our president advocated for people to go to tne restaurant and the theatre to show we weren't afraid (the 'logic' was that recent terrorist attacks had increased his popularity, so he was trying to ride the same train with a fricking virus). Since then, we invented the children who don't get sick, then when it was proved wrong, we invented the children who only get contaminated by adults but have very little infectiousness themselves. And of course the children who get contaminated at home but not at school. Then we got that terrible study psychologising long-COVID, and I think we're the origin of immunity debt.

  23. I start by doing my tasks as efficiently as I can, but I also try to keep track of who I see going where. For me, you can gather very little info before the first kills, so it makes more sense to try to get tasks done. The real meat of the game starts with the first meeting.

  24. As a non-American, I can only watch from the outside but I wish you the best luck and hope you'll succeed!

  25. Well, that's depressing. I so wish we find definitive proof of extraterrestrial life in my lifetime... Even with samples brought back to Earth, would we know for sure if Earth life itself is already so hard to detect in sparse samples?

  26. Conversely, it might be a good thing for us NOT to find life, as per

  27. Then again, the intrinsic likeliness of us destroying ourselves is independent from what happens on not elsewhere, and we already know our technological civilisation is coming to an end. Humanity may well endure, but without the ability to explore the solar system, let alone reach other stars. Space is vast.

  28. I miss not having people smoke right outside my windows, or leave their car motor on for ages. I miss the calm in the street, and the reduced noise at night. I miss not having to rush all the fricking time to be able to do everything I have to.

  29. What region were they on? The lobby codes I see more often end in F or G and I assumed they're sequential, probably reset every day, with the leftmost letter changing most frequently (basically AAAAAA would be followed by BAAAAA, then CAAAAA, etc). I've never seen lobbies ending in QQQ, it may be some kind of glitch?

  30. I didn't look but I admit I had to think about it a bit before remembering. I haven't played enough since the lobby names randomisation. :-(

  31. Agree with all of these. And I back you up on the ‘where’ thing as well.

  32. For those who want to shorten the meeting, 'I want to go back to killing' doubles with 'stop investigating, I'm afraid of getting caught '. :-D

  33. That’s my problem with therapy in general. I have ADHD and two kids with autism. I can’t with this whole idea that we have to fit a social construct or we’re are destined to not thrive. My son cannot tolerate the stimulation from a crowded environment due to sensory overload. He just completely shuts down. Why would I just keep exposing him to an environment that continually makes him feel inadequate? That beats him into submission? To normalize him? He’s not normal.. or maybe he is and just through the BS.

  34. I can relate. I'm very likely Asperger myself and I've had to fight for decades to get rid of the internalised idea I can't possibly exist. Even now, I still see myself more as an alien in human skin than an actual human being. :-(

  35. Psychology has always had a role in upholding the status quo and gaslighting those who deviate from it. This was the case for the treatment of queer people in the past, "hysteria" diagnoses of women, etc.

  36. This, 100 percent. They job is to make people comply with society's standards, whatever they are at a given time. Right now, the standard is COVID denial, so that's what they push.

  37. I wouldn't mind a flair, but people who suffer from long-COVID totally have a place voicing their daily struggles on this sub IMO.

  38. Of course! I'm not asking people to stop sharing about their struggles, nor do I want to downplay the importance of it. In fact, I want people to talk about these things because the more people that speak up, the more likely we can push for better mitigation and accommodations. Everyone in the community here has a voice, and I would never want to restrict that.

  39. Thank you for clarifying, your original post gave me the impression you wished them gone. I totally understand wanting to limit your exposure to grim descriptions, to be honest there are times when I avoid any COVID-related news for the same reason. (The benefits of being a loner: I can drown myself into something fun to me without leaving my home or meeting other people physically.)

  40. Would you recognize it if it were here right under your nose? They don’t have to be carbon based life forms like us. They could very well be spiritual in nature, and take on the form of mundane things like light or insects/birds, and other animals

  41. As I replied to the person above, probably if I could see them or their technology with no ambiguity. The same goes for ghosts or egregores, except it would be even harder if they have no materiality.

  42. I think the real question is what would it take for you to believe they found et life? Why would you believe the govt would tell you and the world if they discovered life elsewhere? According to the US, this information is considered national security. The last time the science community worked collectively together they stumbled on the atomic bomb. I agree with the old testament scripture in Ecclesiastes 1 "As What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." Maybe this Marine can persuade you

  43. That's an excellent question, and I'm actually not sure. I wouldn't trust a government, let alone a foreign power, let alone one who's been lying through its teeth to preserve its world dominance. I may not trust a signal until it has been examined in-depth by independent, public scientific laboratories. Even then, they probably wouldn't be affirmative themselves and would just say this looks like a very promising signal. I probably would trust my eyes if I saw a spaceship land before me, albeit not before checking repeatedly that I'm not dreaming or hallucinating and what I'm seeing is indeed real.

  44. Sorry but the ‘secrecy in order to maintain a grip on power’ theory is tired, overly simplistic and inconsistent with the facts.

  45. History saw it happen with tobacco, asbestos, ecological collapse, COVID, to name only a few. Or just recently with the burning of toxic chemicals after the train crash in East Palestine in the US. Now please find me a single substantiated example of hiding something for the actual greater good. It can be historical and long obsolete. I'm just asking for an example when, on retrospect, it was the right call for the people. All you're citing is rumours, for all we know Jimmy Carter never actually cried (or it was completely unrelated to aliens), George Bush was senile at the end of his life like so many very old people, and Elizondo is fishing for funding.

  46. Difficile à dire, l'objet est trop petit et/lointain pour vraiment le voir. Les 'détails' obtenus en zoomant ressemblent surtout à des artefacts de l'image elle-même.

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