1. Yes, there already many posts about it. Every evening it's unplayable since some days. Sometimes you can play a match without problems. Why, nobody knows. Could be the clan war. But it could be an attack on server too. Nobody knows. And WG is still radio silent about that problem.

  2. at least i'm not the only one who has this issue, i hope they will fix it soon. sadly its normal that wg dont communicate with us.

  3. Yeah same for me the last 3 days, but only in the evening starting from around 5 PM CEST

  4. same here, the whole afternoon it works completly fine, but in the evening it gets unplayable

  5. i dont really care, i play casuel, so i dont mind a lot

  6. i feel that, sadly, i got the bz in my christmas boxes, i played at a beginning a few rounds, but i didnt played it since end of december because i hate that tank so much, to play against and to play with it, i would feel bad if i will play it so i dont

  7. i really enjoyed both, sure obi-wan has its moments like when obi was hiding leia under is cloak, i was like "ok .. really", but it has many good moments

  8. nah, i think genji, he has not so many skins right now, otherwise we can get a kiriko skin, same problem with her

  9. Serious question why would you cry? The anime is only 10 episodes long, how'd you build any kind of emotional connection with any of these characters. Yea when Rebecca died i was shocked sure but i didnt get sad. She had like 30 mins of screen time throughout the season thats not really enough time for me to care about her. Also the moment i saw david all chromed up i knew he was gunna go psycho and gunna get put down and by the end i wanted him to die. He was so damn irritating by thinking he was special. The only character i gave any fucks about was lucy. The 1st 5 eps of edge runners was some of the best anime i ever seen, but the last 5 the pacing got turned up to 11 and just rapidly concluded. By the end i was rooting for smasher to kill them all

  10. because i liked everyone of the charakters really much, that point where main died i was not too sad honestly, but the death of rebecca was really shoking for me and davids death was logic but still sad for me, i'm an emotional type of guy who gets really deep into some sad things like that

  11. If this your reaction on the anime, then game might be too much for you.

  12. oh boy, i'm playing the first time 2077 and i'm quite at the beginning ... lets see whats comming

  13. Same, personally I haven't been enjoying 3.x patches - there weren't any new characters that I would be truly hyped for, map expansions lack variety, new events/story content didn't include most of my favorite characters - overall I just don't have that much fun. Luckly Fontaine looks more promising to me so I just need some patience, maybe you're in similar position ;D

  14. same, i dont really enjoy the sumeru content tbh, idk, i dont like it, but fontaine looks really interesting

  15. Now and then I feel that way, sounds like you're just feeling a little burnt out. Take a break for a little while, and if you want to get back into it, your account will still be there.

  16. yeah that sounds logic, i think i will complete the bp and than i will make a break until fontaine i guess

  17. how can you play old versions like this ?

  18. if you play java you have to go to the options and enable historic versions, then you have to create a new profile and choose any version you want

  19. LoOk I dOnT lIkE a GaMe So I hAvE tO sHiTpOsT iT

  20. remember that time we dont need to spend 20 bucks for a single cool skin ? glorious times

  21. lefh is a premium tank, it will not be nerved, so take it or leave it

  22. I hate to be that guy, but these are victory class star destroyers, not venator class. Still, this is an amazing build! Great work

  23. otherwise i will be this guy, take my upvote

  24. what is that tiny thing thats olabove you ? i dont miss any events and i dont have it

  25. do you mean from the newest area ? thats the only world quest i didnt complete

  26. i'm excitet for thalita tbh, i like her design and for the killer too, i know shes not the best but i think shes interesting

  27. tier 9 and 10 are great and the udes 16 is my favourite tank of the game, tier 8 is a bit meh because he has no armor but a pretty solid tank, so go for it

  28. F2p stigmata typically do 75-90% of the damage of signature set. But you need the weapon 99% of the time or you get a huge dropoff in damage and utility.

  29. ok, so i guess i try to get her and pull for her gear the rest of the time to get hopefully her weapon

  30. 100€ mehr Also bei den Leuten die ich kenne, kommt mal schnell 30% oder 50% on top nach ein oder zwei strategischen Jobwechseln

  31. 100€ war auch ein ĂŒberspitztes beispiel

  32. Das sind die gleichen Leute, die sich hinterher beschweren, warum sie keine Gehaltserhöhung bekommen oder nicht befördert werden. Wer nicht zeigt, dass er will, der kriegt auch nix. Aber Hauptsache rumjammern

  33. warum sich denn jahrelang knechten lassen, ĂŒberstunden machen, sich reinhĂ€ngen und privatleben vernachlĂ€ssigen nur um vielleicht irgendwann 5 jahre spĂ€ter 100€ mehr zu haben ? stimmt zwar das rumjammern fehl am platz is, aber es ist nunmal so das harte arbeit in den meisten fĂ€llen sich nich lohnt

  34. At this point, the only people pulling for her are those who want to pull because they like her as a character. Everyone knows that she's not good mechanically.

  35. i'm one of these guys, lol, when i saw dehya for the first time i swear i will pull her with her signature weapon, i like her charackter so much and it makes me sad to see that i will pull for a charackter who is so bad

  36. they must be a t-34-3, special mm and is really good for what he is, i like it personaly

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