1. Took dab way too hot, try going a few hundred degrees lower and you’ll be good

  2. I dab at 500f so... No. I dont think dabbing at 200f-300f is going to help. This occurs while Im heating the banger not taking a dab.

  3. Your banger says otherwise stop getting so defensive when a stranger tells you the right way to protect your quartz. I’d suggest a few temps but it’s not worth my time

  4. Sure the dab rite was the first buuuuut it’s not the best. Temp tech understood the flaws and fixed it, it’s 100x better than my dab rite

  5. What’s better about it ? I’ve been looking at dab rites but shits pricey

  6. My dab rite is practically useless. I cleaned it cleaned the sensor and now it reads about 100-200 degrees off so I’m going in at 460 really it’s 560 and I’m burning tf out of my hash thats my first problem. Lol second problem is once the sensor is off you’re fucked bud you literally can’t do shit with it so it’s connected to my first point but all in all I’ve done the same thing to my temp tech for science cleaning the sensor and mind you I’m cleaning with a microfiber cloth still works good as new. This also isn’t a new issue this has been an issue and everyone I know using the dab rite has switched. Plus side note temp tech has more sounds lol

  7. Yeah those look great! For my tastes it’s a a little sauce-less but hey great looking diamonds regardless

  8. I tend to stick to caregiver rosin. Some of my favorite has been chief by Smokey’s solventless, beyond strawnana by FortWendy and Sour Papaya by RedRoc. All single source and they all taste so Fucking good it’s actually wild.

  9. Chief is nice but they’re quite expensive. Do they still sell half grams only? I feel like the last time I got it it was actually a gram lol. I think maybe I had garlic something last

  10. I’ve only see them come in 2g picks some caregiver brands do 3.5 g pucks depends on who presses it and what not. Typically single spruce goes for $120-$130 for 2gs which really isn’t bad considering in some states the same rosin goes for $80-$100 a gram

  11. Not all the way true sometimes you just can hit a homie up who happens to also be a caregiver lol

  12. Do you need a med card for the care givers?

  13. You could be hearing it up too hot, I know that can cause cloudiness

  14. Yup every other answer is just wrong lmao I dunk all my bangers in 99% iso and they look brand new. The cloudiness only comes from over heating time to get a new banger fam

  15. carta 2 if you don’t wanna spend $500 extra after you already bought the peak

  16. Rip tips for the win never will I ever smoke with anything else

  17. 🔥🔥 the weed may be illegal but it’s still fire lmao

  18. I wish! I was gonna buy tickets but heading out of town that same week. Enjoy the campin Brotha!!

  19. Aye we appreciate the love you put into the medicine 🔥🙌🏼


  21. Yeah I steer clear away from anything that says diamonds but looks like sugar and I stay clear from the term badder imo just means shit

  22. Do you buy black market or stick to med/Rec dispos for rosin? I find that the BM rosin is just better than med/Rec rosin

  23. Technically it’s BM, but the friend who makes it does it for med/rec

  24. Man that’s cool. Not a lot of caregivers in the med/Rec scene over here in MI slowly but surely getting there. Anyway enjoy the terps Brotha

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