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  1. MMMMMMM I LOVE THIS QUESTION. Give me a little bit to think about it! I had to comment now so I don’t forget to answer later!!

  2. Definitely mastermind! And I think long live as well. Lover I believe is also on that list

  3. If you live in an area where there is a dispensary and if you can get yourself a medical marijuana card the dispensary people are usually very knowledgeable on the topic. The doctor who issued my card was also very helpful in determining what I might try for what medicinal concern. I think it is very common these days for people on the spectrum to be finding weed beneficial...

  4. My Rheumatologist suggested weed to me. 😂

  5. I made a quick live setup demo for you:

  6. I’ll make a new post that shows screenshots so we can figure out what I’m doing wrong because I followed the video step by step and it still didn’t work

  7. Yup, I’ll keep an eye out for it! Hopefully we can get you set up.

  8. Atm it seems OBS is recording the audio from what I can SEE but when I record it and go to find what I just filmed to listen to see if OBS did what it’s supposed to do I can’t find the recording.. it says “saved: Users/(my computer name)/(current date) and I try searching for it everywhere and I can’t find it

  9. This looks amazing! I think the sims4 subreddit would also really enjoy this! :D

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