AITA for telling my sister I didn't appreciate her leaving her baby with us, when we were about to leave, to go to the bathroom?

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  1. YTA. Little lesson for everyone, of the term “Bitch Eating Crackers”. Wherein due to either jealousy, frustration, annoyance, or whatever petty reason you grow unreasonably frustrated and angry at someone and can go off for even the most mundane of things. Like simply eating crackers. Hence the term, bitch eating crackers.

  2. For a general answer. Death itself isn’t as high stakes as we like to think it is.

  3. I kinda feel that. Specially since originally the deaths are just motivators, not the sole defining factor. But then fandom and executives alike never let them move on.

  4. Not necessarily for when better, but for when deranged enough and workshop it more:

  5. I would absolutely take any reason to trash book 3, it’s pure trash. At least with a serious rewrite you can salvage book 2; mostly scrapping everything from Beginnings and keeping it a civil war that forces Korra to outsmart and outplay Unaloq, instead of defaulting to a brute force conflict.

  6. This is new. I have yet to hear anyone say anything bad about book 3.

  7. I’ve been bitching about book 3 (and frankly all of Korea’s villains) for years. Specially book 3, had to quit the series after it and only finished it cause it was leaving. Netflix

  8. Honestly, if you’re suffering over spoilers that’s a self made hell.

  9. Key point: it will be almost exclusively subjective because that’s how romance works. But, personally...

  10. I’m sorry North Korea but no, you will not beat the US in ridiculing itself. You just can’t win.

  11. My advice is don't overdo the world building. People get bogged down for literal years trying to craft elaborate details for a fantasy world that will make no difference to the story and won't even make it into the story.

  12. I love you and every word you said. I will always compare World Building to cinnamon, it can add flavour but it’s in no way a meal, and focusing mostly on it is just the cinnamon challenge which never ends well.

  13. One must first fill and sign an expression of interest form. It must be notarised and signed by at least 1 witness and 1 member of the Local/state Bar.

  14. Game of Thrones, Mandelorian, Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, probably a bunch more I’m forgetting because I genuinely don’t care

  15. Idk, I’m still missing the bubbles, bowl of cheetos and ipad/computer in front of me showing me funny mindless videos or spell guides

  16. This is actually a good answer. I would typically imagine them just being petty, but wouldn’t imagine the fact that they just realized how slow they were going.

  17. Yes the show does have lore there is a ghost world and regulations on how ghost are supposed to act.

  18. Oh, right, I meant, it doesn’t have anything important in the lore and it’s generally inconsequential

  19. If Hinge is popular enough where you live, it’s quite quaint and lacks a lot of the hookup culture you seem to want to avoid. You can see who liked you back too which is good and review skipped profiles as well.

  20. Bro really I need something about an office this a life opportunity

  21. A) “This is a life opportunity”... for you. You want to make the most of it you need to come up with the ideas

  22. Your inability to google a simple thing like the "Sanderson sisters" tells me all I need to know about how much scrutiny you place on the things that you read on the internet.

  23. ... did the “censorship deplatforming and forced speech” not do it for you? Cause that was enough to semi-reasonably conclude that. The rest of the thread is just red flag after red flag

  24. Honestly it always made sense to me. First of she was a worried mother who’s entire world was just flipped. Secondly she WANTED to be mad at Clark at the beginning, but then through her reasoning she realised that Clark as a kid literally had no choice on the matter and as an adult carries so much on his shoulders that it wouldn’t be fair.

  25. None, that’s kinda the point I made at the end of Paragraph 2.

  26. Some people are really into character sheets, where you chart everything about your character from their physical appearance down to what they order at Starbucks.

  27. Absolutely feel that, character sheets often just feel cold and too methodical for me when people are no where near that easy to describe. Even then, I find they miss their emotional ticks and vibes, their reactions to stimuli, stress and confrontation.

  28. Not as a kid, but No Way Home. A 17 year old being uprooted from everything he knew, ending up alone with little to no prospects academically or professionally, entrenched in poverty and on the verge of homelessness, with 0 family left and no friends or support systems.

  29. Yeah, it’s part of a trend of “glow-ups” that really just mean making the character edgier and... whiter.

  30. Lift up my middle finger and say: “Fuck. You.” Before walking away.

  31. The only thing sending you to hell is the rejection of Jesus Christ. He offered us a way to him through the death and resurrection of the messiah. My G... It isn't hard to find salvation. I pray you do.

  32. I don’t want salvation. Definitely not his. Nor do I want your prayers.

  33. The clubbing phase, slut phase and drinking phases you really want to get into, Dont. They’re not worth it and all you’ll have to show for it is Fragile friendships, HIV and credit card debt. Probably respectively but they can mix and match

  34. Yeah, all the time, I just don’t centre it on the booze, clubs or sex that other people focus more on. Between restaurants, cafe’s, the beach where I live, natural parks, museums, laser tag, bowling, roller blading, ice skating, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, movie/games nights, even the occasional concert, birthday and wine tour.

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