1. Rob's says $109.99 but I don't know about tax and other fees, it's different per person

  2. He apologized profusely for getting my name wrong at the end and offered to redo it for free, but it's perfect as is. Kindest person ever

  3. The DLC Happy Home Paradise, one of the buildings you decorate is a hospital!

  4. You have yellow pumpkins?! I’m having such a hard time trying to grow them

  5. Yeah it's just try as many as you can and hope for the best

  6. Named my Boxer/Heeler mix Louise! I wanted to put bunny ears on her. She didn't like them

  7. Wow that is so much nicer than I would have ever thought of making one, looks amazing!

  8. I play every day, I'd love to send letters to each other

  9. they have to be red roses you breed. you cannot use the ones you bought from the shop.

  10. No the red flowers you breed give you blue roses, the ones from the shops make black

  11. oooh my bad. you’re totally right. i read his post wrong. thanks for correcting me

  12. It's okay, I figured you might have misread black as blue

  13. She is! Give me a minute and I'll dm you the dodo!

  14. Actually Beth’s full name is probably Elizabeth…. That would make more sense.

  15. I forgot to villager hunt and it gave me Gayle, she's my fifth normal villarger

  16. This is so cute! I'd love to make one, could you share the pattern if there is one

  17. That's okay! I'm totally going to try and make my own

  18. My cat brought a live mouse into my bedroom at night, all four of them tried to play with it

  19. The first one I got was from my favorite too!

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